A warm summers’ day. – the longest day of 21 June 218. What is more delightful than to walk in the wood with ones’ dog – Benji. The views are delightful and relaxing. One can see for a long way – even as far as the sea. Many Foxgloves adorn the path as well as ferns and other wild flowers. Large rocks of various shapes and sizes rise majestically up the hillside. A reminder of how long they have stood for many, many years ago. When once just plain rock green vegetation and trees have joined this structure. These are magic woods where Fairies live. Walking along the path one looks for the tiny door in the trunk of the tree. I do not know how many are there but there are a lot.


Looking over to the hills. Neath is nestled in the valley.



Looking towards the sea in the distance

Benji loved this walk as he was off the lead. He loved running ahead but when he’d gone too far he realized he could not see me he came back.

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New Dog–Benji 2018

Its been a busy week but first I would like to thank all those who supported Benji in his operation last Tuesday.

We left the house at 7.30 a.m. to be at the PDSA clinic by 8.00 a.m  Benji had to abstain from food the day before at 5 p.m. and no water after mid-night. The first procedure was to take his details ( as you do in hospital). I gave him a kiss and stroke and duly went home. Seemed very strange without a dog being around.

The next step would be to ring at 3.30 p.m. I decided to go up to my friend at 3.00p.m. as she would be coming with me to help lift him in and out of the car.

Phoned to be told that due t some emrgancies he had not been done but was just about to have his aneasthetic. – phone in an hour. 1 Hour later – not ready yuet phone in an hour. I said to my friend I will go home and we will both have our food and I will phone when we can go and pick him up. Very kindly she suggested we go in her car as it is bigger than mine.

At 5.45 the vet phoned and up dated me on Benji. They had removed 400grms of fat from the lump, he had a drain in and instructions on the antibiotic and pain relief. To phone back again in an hour and this time I would be speaking with the night staff. At  7.15 I phoned and we were able to go over . Once there emergencies were on going and we had to wait until 8.45 before he could be disharged. He was pleased to see me depite he was sleepy and wobly on his feet. I nursed him all the way home.

There was leakage with the drain that gradually stopped by Thursday night. I spent a lot of time changing is covers and washing. Luckily I had kept his old beds so he slept there.

For the first 2 nights he slept downstairs and on the second moring found he’d dragged the bed near the door. The following night I allowed him upstairs to be. Oh my goodness me!!!! Benji shot up the stairs like a 2 year old. He has come on in leaps and bounds and the energy is lioke that of a dog in younger days. He went back Friday for the drain out and goes back on Friday for the stitches to be taken out.

Benji used to ‘cry/sing’ in the car but no more. He is very quiet and very much alert  – looking out of the window.

I now have a new lively dog and there will be lots more fun to be having despite that he his now 14 years old. Lucky me!

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Hospital Visit May 2018

My day startedd early. I had a hospital appointment at 11.00 and it was in Swansea. To go by car would be easy and quick but once there one is inclined to spend hours looking for somwhere to park!!! It is a large hospital.

I was up at 6.30 breakfast and dressed and ready to go out at 8.00 a.m. The bus left Neath at 8.30 to arrive in Swansea at 9.00 a.m. I have a bowel problem at the moment and this decided to attack me that morning. I was glad to have plenty of time for the other bus. How embaressing- I had messed my pants. So the plan of action was to find wipes.sanitary towels and pants. My brain was working well and worked out where to get all these items close to each other. Having visited the LADIES and cleaned up I was able to go and get the bus. It took a while but I still arrived in time to have a cuppa before my appointment.

Having just sat down and poured my cup of tea nature called. I asked one of the girls working there where the toilt was and would return for my cuppa. She said she would keep an eye on my tea. But this was not to be as when I returned my cuppa had gone – cleared awy by another person. I saw her with her laden tray and told her what had happenned and shewas able to replemish my tea.

To reach the department I had to walk down a very long corridor that took me 5 minutes.

The appointment was for tests on my left hand and it was confirmed I had Carponal syndrome. I would be seen at my local hospital. All done and I returned to the outside of the hospital to find the bus waiting.


Back in Swansea Market I purchased some fresh fruit and went to have egg and chips in my favorite cafe’ in the market. Did not have too long to wait for the bus home. Once home I collapsed on the bed and slept for an hour, woke to groggy for the next hour before coming too.

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Benji Vet May 2018

For several weeks Benji lump has now grown bigger. We visited the vet and given a pain killer but this has not helped as the lump continued to gow. Our walks are not too far and slow as it begins to bother him

Back today and the vet said she would carry out the operation to help Benji manage life more easily. There was a chance it would come back. The anesthetic for a dog of his age could be risky. She had prepared me for what to expct. I say that if it is time for hime to go over the Rainbow Bridge, so be it. We have had some grand times together. Yet I feel Benji is a strong little boy.

The operaton is scheduled for 5 June. We have to be there at 8.00 a.m. It will be an early start for me.

Here the weather has been lovely and hot with a breeze and Benji has been enjoying my garden.

I wil keep you all updated on his progress.

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Benji enjoying the garden (2)        Swans 13 May 2018

The Swans and babies. The walk along the canal on a sunny afternoon a real treat as we observed that the the swan had her young with her. At first I thought it was only 2 but on our return counted 7 as some were further down the nest.


This is Benji enjoying our garden on a warm Spring day. I am happy to say the garden is now how I like it with very little work to do in it. This is a good thing as since February I have – and still am- not well. I suffer now with severe abdominal pain since 12 April and the Doctor is taking a very long time to diagnosis what is wrong!!!!!!

Benji enjoying the garden (1)

Back to the garden. I have planted the following and watch them all grow. Runner Beans, Carrots, Beetroot, Onions, Peas. The fuit tress have been in full blossom. This is the first year since having them for 5 years. Must like their new home. My son-in-law has put trellis up on the wall and I’m going to grow plants up them – all to deter CATS who are still a problem. One plant purhased is a Blackberry bush. Bought for .50p in the Pound shop.

At the bird table Ravens have been visiting. A pidgeon appears as well as a Jackdaw. Now I am so excited as a family of Sparrows have discovered the feeding area too.

Over the Bank Holiday Benji & I went to the local Melyn Fun Day. It is here we go in for the ‘dog show’ He was so so happy to go and had a permanent smile. Whilst waiting his turn to go in the ring Benji spent time rolling in the grass. A special mention was given for Benji as he had entered the show ever since it began a few years back. So, how did Benji get on/ you ask. Needless to say he came 2nd in THE GOLDEN OLDIE and has another Rosstte (blue)and certificate to add to his collection.

And on that note I will close.

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Benji at the Vets April 2018

We had another visit to the vets last week. Benji’s lump has grown larger and he was having a very sad face which led me to believe he was in pain.

At the vets she took a biopsy an is almost sure it is just ‘fat’. He has a pain relief supension which is added to his food every evening. We are to continue this for 2 weeks and see how the lump re-acts. Ther possibly be an operation pending to remove the lumb.

Benji has a new friend. A friend of my son, his mother passed away suddenly and Paul has taken in RUFUS. He is 10 years old and has a heart murmur. He is a lovely boy and we hope in the summer to go out on some nice walks. We wil have 3 dogs in tow. Rufus,Ruby and Benji.


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Garden & Crafts

The Spring flowers have been lovely to see. After seeing the garden being ‘dull’ it cheers one up to see colour again. Pity the weather could not be more kinder. Some cold snaps still.

A few warm days & the plants begin to grow. The fruit trees (grown in pots) have all got flowers on. I was overjoyed as in previous years only a couple produced a  very small array of blossom. I have had the trees about 5 years now. They have settled well into their new enviroment (3 years)

At the moment I cannot do much in the garden (even easy tasks) as my back gives me great pain and for the rest of the day end up lying on the settee. The garden is easy as lots of plants are in containers. But I will not be dispirited, continue the best I can.

I have grown Beetroot, Carrot and put Onions. – which are all just begining to show as are the Potatoes in the potato sacks. In the green house th Runner Beans are in pots, awaiting to burst trhought the compost. Garden Photos.

Garden in spring 2018                         forsythia 2018

I am still knitting and crocheting for the various charities that our group send to.


3. tunisian cardi

Tunisian Childs Cardigan


   2.knitted baby cardi                       1.knitted babay cardi

                                           Knitted Childs all in one Cardigan

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Snowy Times 2018


Here in my part of the world snow is a rare occurrance. Being near to the sea the snow will avoid us yet it still sends everyone into a panic. Get to the shops, empty the shelves of the essential foods such as milk, bread. We are going to be snowed in for days!!!! Yet the amount of snow we had was for minimal days compared to other countries that have this kind of weather for several months. Up in the Brecon Mountains and in the surrounding valley’s the people did experience extreme conditions. People in cars ect. became stuck in snow drifts and had to be rescued. Public transport came to a stand-still. Others were able to enjoy the snow. Children built snowmen, went sledging and were off school for a while. Unotunatly people experienced burst water pipes which damaged properties.

Benji and I stayed indoors, not venturing out in case we slipped up but we could see the snow on top of our local mountain and the little that had fallen in our garden. This is a photo of of our garden.

2. Snow in march 2018


This winter has been very cold, often below 0 degrees. and we have had a lot of rain. Going out for walks and one had to wrap up warm and came back in with rosy cheeks. Benji wore his knitted coat (made by me)       It is now April, a little warmer. I am hoping soon to get into the garden. But that’s anothe tale to tell.

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Easter Greetings 2018

Benji in 'his' chair March 2018



A warm welcome to all my new Readers and hope you will enjoy sharing my blogs in 2018.

As many of you know I have not blogged in a while. This was because I was concentrating on FAMILY HISTORY.

Finding out about your relatives, their lives, where they lived has been an interesting project. Yet I hasten to add there is still more research to do. But for now I’m giving it a break.

Our winter has been very cold just after Christmas, something we are not used to, and we had snow too. The weatherman keeps telling us its ‘going to snow a lot’ but this does not materialise. I notice how years ago the Weathermen could predict the forcast but saddly today that is not so.

I’m glad to be back on the computer but its surprising how you forget things!!!!.

I had mislaid the leads for the camara and phone and forgotton how to transfer the photos. After a lot of patience all has come together again

I will end this blog on our recent walk along the local canal with Benji.

The day was dry with sunny smells and not too cold. Along this walk I can let Benji off his lead but have learnt he likes to stay on his lead – he feels secure. The Catkins were  out but the buds on the trees still not visible. Looking onto the water the reflections from the trees looked interesting. Other years we would go to our other park to observe the SWANS. It is a bit further from my new home and so now we go along the canal. These Swans have nested here for many years.. So this year we will be following their progress. Its the end of March when our tale begins. These are the photos taken.


1. Along canal end March 2018                 2. Along canal path end March 2018

Enjoying My Walk

1. Sitting swan by Metal Box end March 2018                    2 Sitting Swan by Metal box end March 2018

Swan preparing her nest

3. Sitting Swan by Metal box end of March 2018                           Horses near Metal box end of March 2018

Swan having a rest & the Horses in the nearby field

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Happy New Year for 2018





It’s that time of year when we can say goodbye to the old year. Contemplate the great variety of acheivements, whether good or bad, that have happenned. We can see how we can improve our way of life. What we can do differently, look for new challenges for 2018.

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS are made and wonder whether they will be kept of broken within the first few weeks.

Here, as with everywhwere else in the world, the bangs of fireworks are let off, hopefully to banish all ills and welcome a New Year.

Fireworks have always caused our pets (& wild life) to be very scared. Some pets can cope, others shake. pace the floor, bark & cry. A lot of love is neede for them. Yet I wonder how many people think about this and go all out to celebrate ‘noisely’ ? There is a pill called SERUM’. a calming medication & the day before Benji gets 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening & again the actual day the same thing. We had some very loud bangs & I thought: any minute now he’ll be getting on the bed & being very restless: but Benji slept through all.

Christmas I went to Midnight Mass, followed by over to my son for Xmas dinner. Usually we take a walk after lunch, back in time for the QUEEN’S SPEACH’ but this time the waether was not good.

Had some lovely presents from the family – picture frame, jigsaw, small pots of jam. Always I treat my self to something too. This time a new washing machine and that will be coming tomorrow. Benji has had a new bed. Oh my , he just loves it. The first time it was put down we went out for our walk & as soon as we got in dashed upstairs to see if it was still there! Another epeisode was an emergency viait to the vet. He ate my TERRYS CHOCOLATE ORANGE. Luckily he neede no treatment.

One resolution I have made is to go for more walks with Benji, involved in driving the car. Here in my part of the country are so many lovely places to visit. Benji is so much better in the car now and loves to go out in it.

2 Benji

Signing off now. Mary & Benji

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