Beach Walk / Town Destruction

Two blogs in one today

On one of our rare hot summer days I decided to go down to Aberavon with my dog.

I had not been since last year and I was in for a shock. I usually park the car at the large open space at the end of the promenade beside the sand dunes.

The space had been reduced in size and parking was nearer to the road than the beach. A large area had been cordoned off and inside were several large temporary buildings and workmen’s’ gear. Still, I parked up and we walked over the sand-dunes as they were still accessible. Spotty, now off her lead, headed down the narrow sandy path on to the sand. The tide was coming in and the shore lined with fishermen and their fishing rods.. Casting my eye toward the end of the promenade , on the sand a large square of the enormous rocks. I wondered what what was going on? No doubt time will tell.

On the shore line we came across a dead baby whale. It made me feel so sad to see this creature knowing he/she would not grow up to swim in the seas.


Our Town Destruction

Neath is a historic town steeped in history. We have a yearly fair that has been held for many,many years. I am saddened to see what our council our doing. When a visitor comes to Neath, interested in history, they will have to rely on ‘imagination’ of what it used to be. Up in England many towns have modern facilities but you can also see the history in the buildings.

Our council seems to want to destroy history. Recently they pulled down a well built old wall that had a plague up to say that once it was the work house. All the old houses taken down .Our ‘Bing’ hall;  ‘Cinema’; (not used since 1978) two petrol stations pulled down and flats have been built. Most of the shops are empty. yet there remains a lot of paces to eat and mobile phone shops.

The last straw came to me when in the town today (Thursday)

I learnt from  one of the shop assistants that on Monday the Traffic Wardens were out in force. putting tickets on all the cars parked.

To explain: Every day from 8-10.30 a.m. we can park our cars in the street for free. This has been the scenario ever since they had our streets pedestrianized. So now with out warning and no notices out those parking on Monday were hit with Parking tickets unless they were Blue badge Holder.



Update Swans

No baby swans yet. Mum still sitting


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