Installing New Bathroom–Part 1

For the past 10 years (since moving in) I have put up with the hideous colour ‘pink’ bathroom. Pink tiles wall to floor, pink bath, basin, toilet. The person before me just loved ‘pink’ as everything was decorated in ‘pink’. I have now found the finances to be able to turn the last room into more of my liking. The rest of the flat being done in 2007

It has taken since the 24 June to redesign and install the new bathroom suite.

S. worked in the evenings and to date has worked a total of 36 hours on his side.

I have had an electrician, a plasterer and S’s helper to take the tiles off the wall.

It may all seem a long time but much care with the work has been done efficiently.

The workmen were provided with plenty of cuppas and cold drinks, with home-made and biscuits as well. The weather has been very hot and despite this there were no problems.

As I write there is only the ceiling and walls to paint and am awaiting a phone call from the painter. They will be white.

A Run Down of the work with photos will be posted over a series of blogs.


Bath, Wash basin and Toilet cistern taken out. A few of the tile were loose and so they came away.

3. Old Tiles

    Tiles and Bath being removed


2. Old Bath

Time To Go Bath



6a. Old Wall

The following day S’s helper called G arrived in the morning. He was here all day and I helped him by bagging up the tiles while he took them off. In the afternoon the walls were scraped clean ready for the plasterer the next day.We had a total of16 bags!!

1c. Old Toilet

Walls being Prepared

(This is the old toilet)


I was now left with the toilet. So how do you manage? Incidentally I had no shower or bath for 2 weeks but was able to visit a neighbour to use their shower.

Each time I used the toilet I had to use a bucket of water to flush.

1a. Old Toilet

My Toilet Has Been left.

(I now have to make the best of things)


Part 2 coming next


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  1. mavimet says:

    It will be so nice when its all finished.

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