Mary & Spotty–Our Health

Just to let you know folks I’m still around.

Apologies for not blogging as often

this is to up date you all.

I, myself have been unwell for the past year. That’s the time it has taken NHS.Wales to diagnose and finally say ‘You have Gall Stones.’

Time Scale:

1.Saw Doctor October.

2.November received letter saying on waiting list to see gastro chap.

3. Seen in May 24  advised scan.

4.June 24 scan and lady said I had Gall Stones.

5 Seen by Gastro chap 17 September agreed to having Gall Bladder out – wouldn’t be until at least next March!!!

I have been back and forth to doc recently and as it stands at present (as from last Thursday) he’s writing letters to hurry things up.

As time has gone by so I’ve been getting worse. Since July a swollen belly and I now get pain every afternoon, lasting 4 hours. Have been very tired.  There are the occasional times when I am pain-free. My afternoons are ‘lost’ and can only function in the mornings and depression has set in.

I am now waiting for a letter from the surgeon to say when the removal of the Gall Bladder will be!

Oh what a glorious mess the NHS in WALES is in.

Thank goodness for a very supportive daughter but she lives 150 miles away.

Well that’s me. Spotty is unwell too. Last Sunday I went out to lunch with my son – out about 5 hours. When I came home Spotty was in the same place as I’d left her. She was hardly able to walk – feeling very sorry for herself – her back legs did not want to function.

She became a little better by Wednesday evening when I took her to the vets. It was confirmed ARTHRITUS She is now on METACAM daily and is getting back to herself again. Instead of just lying around she’s back to be getting under my feet.

The vet did say ‘when she can’t walk I’m afraid it would be best to “have her put down”.

You can imagine how I felt. To be without her would be devestating for me. But she did reassure me it wouldn’t be for a while yet.

So that is my news. As I say due my being unwell a lot of my activities have been curtailed but I am told that once I’ve had the op I will be better. I do so miss my afternoon walks with Spotty.



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