Spotty Dog Diary – When it began


2013 November onwards

On the 20 October 2013 (Sunday) I was invited by my son to join him and his girlfriend for a meal at lunchtime.

So as I could enjoy a glass of wine I went in on the 10.30 bus.

Spotty stayed at home and was on her mat by the front room bay window.

When I arrived home at 3.30 p.m. she was still in the same position and had not moved. As she got up she fell back down. Her back legs would not work. She looked very sad. I believe she was in a lot of pain. With encouragement I was able to help her to go outside to do her ‘business’. Spotty is very particular where she goes and always goes up the stone steps to the top patio. Today being no exception but it was an awful struggle.

In the night I put paper and the doggy pads down which I found in the morning she had used. Up until the Wednesday evening she was quiet, sleeping and finding difficulty in walking. I sensed it was not an urgent rush to the Vet and so waited till the Wed. evening clinic run by charity and being on benefits I qualified.

We had a while to wait and she sat beside me while I chatted with the other people and their pets waiting for the Vet.

Our turn came. She was lifted on to the table and I explained the situation. After examination it was confirmed she had ARTHRITUS. I was given METACAM to give daily and to come back to see them in about 2/3 weeks. She also told me that when Spotty can no longer walk ‘it would be kinder to have her put down.’ No one one wants to hear that news and I choked back the tears.

 After a few day on her new medicine she began walking better, became more alert and I can report as from 2 November 2013 back to her old self. Following me around, clearing up floor. This I think is that she finds those minute bugs to get rid of.

Our walks are not far. Where I used to take her shopping in town, for present I leave her at home.

I looked up on the Internet and found a site that gave me guidance on how to look after your pet when ill, before, at the time and after their demise.

It says take them to their favourite places. Take photos.

The Vet did say it would be a long while yet before Spotty came to the critical stage.

With this all in mind I am now keeping a diary of her activities, and will blog

This is what we have been doing so far.

One Tuesday it was a rare sunny afternoon. I went over to my son and with his dog, Ruby and girlfriend we went up to Mumbles – Bracelet Bay.

The sun shone and we walked down the steps to the beach. In Winter dogs ARE allowed. This beach has changed over the years, since I first saw it in 1977. At that time large stones and shingle were just a small amount at the top of the beach, with sand the rest of the way down. Today stones of various  shapes and sizes a now stretch a long way down and there is no sand. Spotty only wobbled a couple of times and due to the recent storms the stones had formed a bank. Spotty stood there gazing at the large waves which were pounding the shore line. A lovely smile on her face as she looked back to check her family were still there and to tell us how happy she was to be ‘beside the sea’.

That was a few days back. I will bring you up to date in the following blogs.

Thanks for reading


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One Response to Spotty Dog Diary – When it began

  1. mavimet says:

    I’m glad Spotty has you to take care of her as she ages. With the good care she is getting, she should have lots of time left – she will just move a little slower.

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