House Move 2003


Remembering an event means you remember the occasion twice. How is this you ask? Well the actual date varies in each year.

For example 1st November 2014 Monday but 1st November 2010 could be a Wednesday.

So today I am remembering the actual date. 6 November 2003. The actual day was a Friday.

All house moves via an estate agent happen on Fridays.

The day was wet as it is today. The morning I finished packing, then cleaned through the house ready for the new people. I remember the windows being all steamed up. The removal van was to arrive at 1.30, giving plenty of time to pack the van and get there by daylight. Things do not always go to plan. I had marked boxes to be put in certain rooms. They did not do this and just dumped everything into the large front room. They did not arrive until 3.30 p.m.!! I was panicking. Due to them providing a small van, how stupid can people be? (A 3 bed. House needs a large van.) Consequently we had to make 3 journeys. At 5.00p.m. The estate agent rang to say ‘where are the keys the next people are waiting. I explained and said I would drop them in as soon as the last load had departed. They were only a stone’s throw away.

Leaving the house for the last time I felt sad as I’d lived there for 26 years.

The night before had been Fireworks Night and on this evening they began again so saw quite a few fireworks going off on route to the new flat.

My friends were waiting for me at my new home and together we assembled the bed and made it up – most important. Made sure the stove was working and the kettle for the cup of tea. I only unpacked the necessary items then, being quite late went to bed in my new home.

The next few days were spent unpacking and arranging things where I wanted them to be. The flat needed a good clean too. Outside the garden was a mess as then previous owner was a bedridden old lady but spring was on the way and so I could sort inside out first, then the garden.

I am very happy in my flat with Spotty, my dog. The flat and garden are to my liking. I am within walking distance to the shops, post office, doctor, dentist, solicitor, chiropodist, hairdressers. There is an hourly bus past the flat should I ever need one. Buses from town can take me many interesting places, as well as the train. The parks are nearby as well as a walk through woods with a stream running beside.

So who could ask for anything more?


Some Photos

                        Part of front garden                                  Back garden with Spotty

       1. Front Garden 29-05-09                     2. 19 July



              Top Patio                                                                      Bird feeding station

DSCF0069                             DSCF0103


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