Spotty Diary–4-7 November 2013

Thursday 7 November 2003

Every morning before having our breakfast I take Spotty up to the ‘end of the road’ where there is a small area of green grass. This is her area.

DSCF0358                      DSCF0359



We saw the Vet on 23 October and ten days into Spotty taking her METACAM she has improved tremendously. Her back paws are functioning well. Walking now has transformed to a quick instead of a slow walk. Before an effort to get along now no problems at all.

Yesterday we did not go out as it rained nonstop all day but today we were able to go out.

It was dry when setting out but throughout our walk the heavy showers came and we had to take shelter under trees.

When entering the park there was a white council truck with a pale red crane in the back, situated on the path beside the trees. I asked the man what was happening. He replied and pointed to the tree. The upper part had been blown off landing on the path below. These trees are big and going by the size of their trunks are very old 150/200 years old. he said that they were now considering taking down these trees. It will certainly alter the look of the place. Squirrels also live in these trees, so I wondered where they would go.

Up at the middle pond there was quite a lot of activity going on. Groups of people, dressed in rain attire, had boards and were reading the instruction. The impression gave me something like a treasure hunt, adult style, was in progress.

 One part of the middle pond.




Waiting for me on the path

Our walk today took one and a half hours but my pace was slow. Spotty her usual pace when off the lead, enjoying the variety of smells to be found on the walk.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

When I woke and went to Spotty in the kitchen I found she’d had an accident. In all fairness she normally calls for me but with the loud banging of fireworks decided not to wake me. She is a very clean and sensible dog and as I had put paper and the puppy pad down, she done it there.

This morning she stayed in as I was out at class. In the afternoon we took a small walk round the block. it was me that was tired this time.

Tonight is Bonfire night. Neither of us like the bangs that happen on this evening, so we will be hibernating somewhere in the house.

Monday 4 November 2013

The morning was dry an sunny. I like to have my morning out sometimes especially on nice days.

Today I decided on the 20 minute drive to ABERAVON Beach.

Spotty used to be able to jump in to the boot of the car by herself but now-a-days finds it difficult. Luckily she is not too heavy and I am able to lift her.

We parked in the appropriate lay-by. In front was the green grass, children’s play area, the promenade and the beach itself.

The sun was warm as I lifted Spotty out of the car. She was pleased to be at the beach – one of her favourite places.

We walked along the promenade until we came to CAFE’REMO. here you can sit outside or in. There was only one other couple sitting outside. Spotty waited outside – dogs not allowed in cafe’s – while I purchased my cappuccino.

I took the seat nearest to the promenade where I could watch life go by – relaxing.

A family of Starlings came to feed, looking for titbits on the grass verge. I could hear the waves crashing gently on the sand. People walked with dogs and children passed with their parents. It was not cold for this time of year.

Spotty just lay beside me soaking up the sun and waiting for when we made a move.

We did and found the steps to go down here she ran on the beach – no sign of difficulty using her legs. She spent time sniffing seaweed and some very large rocks before we finally went back to the car. All the way home I could see in the mirror, she was smiling. A sign she had enjoyed her walk today.



Spotty in resting in her day bed

In the afternoon Whilst pottering in the garden I decided to play ball with Spotty. Our back yard has ample space to throw the ball and she to go and find, bring it back and drop by my feet ready to play again.

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  1. mavimet says:

    Glad to hear that Spotty is going better on the medication and is enjoying the walks again.

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