Spotty Diary–8-16 November 2013

I am pleased to say that Spotty is on the mend.


Down on the Beach


Her walks are not long as yet and she does not get in exhausted and flop on the floor to rest.

I have noticed that since she has been ill she has changed her eating habits. I wonder why?

Now at mid-day she likes dog biscuits …. she used to have a dog chew. Then in the evening instead of the usual biscuits she likes some of her Bakers Senior. No accounting for habits!!!


image                              image


Our weather has not been too good with rainy days so its a short walk up to the end of the road.

We walked up Eagles-Bush and on that day the sun shone and all the trees were golden, with their leaves changing. On this walk the path runs beside a stream and at one point there is a small waterfall. It is a lovely relaxing sound of the water travelling over the the large and small boulders and over the waterfall. Spotty enjoys this walk as there are many interesting smells along the way.

Another walk Spotty enjoys is when we go to town. There are many different ways to go but on this day I was collecting my prescription. I put the leash around the railings and she waits patiently while I call in the chemist.

On the way back we go through Victoria Gardens, Some of the flowers beds are bare but some have a few rose bushes .. pruned with no leaves on.The pigeons fly around or walk on the grass or path.

We visited the Vet on Wednesday evening. As it is the RSPCA clinic it is very busy and the wait long but Spotty loves to go and meet all the other pets & owners. The people who run this clinic are very kind to the cats and dogs waiting and give them treats. Once in to see the vet she was examined and I told of her progress. I was delighted to be told she had a ’clean bill of health’ and there was no need to continue the medicine and only give it when I saw she was in pain.

The best news ever.

So now we still continue our walks and its with her usual trotting along instead of being very slow.


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4 Responses to Spotty Diary–8-16 November 2013

  1. mavimet says:

    Great news Mary. Glad Spotty is doing so much better. 🙂

  2. I’m so pleased Spotty is enjoying herself again 🙂

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