Birthday Time

December the first is one of my family’s’ birthday. We always do something special. the first part of the day I walked Spotty dog via the local park and Victoria gardens to visit Wilkinson, I had to purchase some more of my Vitamin tablets.

Once back there was time for a short rest before getting ready to drive into Swansea. Once parked up we walked up to my sons flat. Spotty would stay with Ruby. Incidentally both dogs slept the whole time we were out.

Our meal was taken at La Parella situated in the old engine sheds on the now improved Marina. We go there often and are well known by the staff. The meals are very tasty. I had salad for starters followed by medium steak with sauté’ potatoes. My son had fishcake followed by Salmon and sauté’ potatoes. e toasted on our favourite white wine.

As I was driving I only consumed one glass but my son, being the birthday boy drank the rest of the bottle.

After a Latte coffee it was time to go. Out of the window I had seen a navy sailing vessel and suggested we walked over. This we did and noted the name of the ship was HMS LEDBURY. We joined others to walk up the plank and view this magnificent ship and able to walk around it. I would have liked to see down below but the wooden steps leading down were narrow and steep. We learnt from one of the sailors this boat had ben to Iraq, Afghanistan as well as berthing in various ports around the U.K. for visitors to see the ship that detonates under water devises such as underwater mines,connected to war-fare.

We both love Sainsbury and could not resist the temptation to call and do a bit of shopping.

My son enjoyed opening his present of a box of chocolates and a variety pack of biscuits. I had also given him an Amaryllis – something for him to watch developing and maybe, just maybe out at Christmas time. His birthday card – a home-made – created on the computer by me.

Despite it being an over cast day we both enjoyed. Picking  up Spotty drove back home to settle in for the evening.


About marystreasurechest

Life provided me a long variety of experiences in skills, careers and hobbies. Countryside, nature, gardening, reading, cooking, knitting, cross-stitch. Originally from Reading/Newbury areas, now reside in S. Wales. Writing stories, telling tales of everyday life . Take a peep in my 'treasure chest' and enjoy your read. All work on this site is copyright of the owner
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