So Many Santa’s- Why?

A tale for Xmas

Have you ever wondered why there are so many father Christmases around?

Mother, child and the pet dog waited to cross the busy road, watching the cars whiz by. The little girl tugged at her Mother’s hand.

‘ Look, there’s Santa riding a bike’

His moped had a reindeer sat on the front. As he passed by so he waved and smiled at the family.

‘Mummy’ he’s not the real Santa’

They had just come back from the visitors centre up in the local park. Here they had visited Santa in his Grotto.

With a frown on her face, she continued ‘Why are there so many? It’s not the real Santa!’

A break came in the cars and the Mother held her daughter’s hand to cross the road.

She then explained.

“A very, very long time ago there were not many children and Santa, who was called Father Christmas, managed very well on his own. But then the world had lots more children. So Father Christmas decided to find some helpers. These were all very special people he chose.

He called them ‘Santa Clause’.

On the first year Father Christmas was busy. All the new helpers had to bring back the names and the places of every child in the world..

In those days they did not have computers.

At the beginning of December girls and boys sat down to write their list for father Christmas.

Those children that had fireplaces sent letters up the chimney. They watched as it danced up on the smoke. Those who had no chimney, like those living in the dessert or in hot countries, would light a fire outside and send the letters up on their smoke. All the children would watch as their letters danced their way up into the starry night where the stars twinkled. Somewhere the letters were gathered in a large white cloud and taken to Father Christmas in Lapland.

Now Father Christmas decided to call his ‘helpers’ ‘Santa Clause’ And every child has their own Santa Clause but we do not know which one as that is kept a very big secret.

So you see that’s why we see so many Santa’s in so many places.

The child looked into her Mothers’ eyes.

‘Mummy?’ ‘Yes sweetheart’ ‘I love you’


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