SPOTTY’S DIARY–23 November – 22 December

Recently Spotty went for her Booster at the vets. Our Vet is very good with the animals he sees. Always talking and explaining to them and their owners.

First Spotty was weighed – a healthy 15lb. having the booster was no problem at all as it went in to the skin at the back of her head.

This time I’d decided on the Kennel Cough as I am anticipating a few days away with out her and she would need to go into kennels. We debated a nozzle being put on but decided against it. The syringe was aimed at the nostrils and the stuff injected in. She did wriggle a little. I spent a little time chatting with the Vet and then looking at Spotty noted on the floor beside her – blood. ‘Not to worry,’ said the Vet. ‘Nose bleeds in dogs clear up as quickly as they arrive. Wait in the waiting area for about 10 minutes,’ he did say that it happened because she wriggled a bit and possibly the syringe knocked her the inside of her nose.

We sat in and waited as instructed and the bleeding soon stopped and Spotty had no ill effects.

The weather has been quite mild for the time of year. I have been going through a good spell – health wise – and have been able to take Spotty for a walk in the afternoon. On some days it has been quite windy but whilst walking to Gnoll Park have noticed only one very large tree blown down. Up on the middle pond ducks, swans and seagulls  make an interesting scene to watch.

On one of the walks Spotty was able to paddle in the stream and drink. I know this is fresh ‘mountain’ water that is good for her.

When taking our walk to Eaglesbush we were delighted to see a new seat had been erected. It is situated opposite where the small waterfall tumbles down. Sitting on the seat for a short while it was bliss to listen to the gurgling stream as it travelled over  large and small boulders, on its way to the sea.

Visiting the local pet store Spotty is well known. After walking round the store and sniffing all those doggy treats she goes to the counter and sits beside the assistant and with her big bright eyes and charming smile she gets them to give her some treats.

Christmas will soon be upon us and I know Spotty is looking forward to her Xmas presents and Xmas dinner followed by a run on the beach – weather permitting.

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One Response to SPOTTY’S DIARY–23 November – 22 December

  1. mavimet says:

    Glad to hear that you and Spotty are both feeling good and are able to enjoy your walks again.

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