Visiting Memories Spotty’s Beginnings Part 1

This true account incorporates where my dog,Spotty was born and how she came to me. Due to it being 1.566 words I have put the story in 2 parts.

I. the farmer, has one of his new dogs not training up to be a working farm dog. He needs to find a good home for him other wise he will have to have him ‘put down’.

To be put down always sends shivers down my spine. Sadness fills my heart to know of this decision.

I would willingly take him but I do not think Spotty would approve. She has been with me and can be very protective and likes only her and me.

I had contacted several people with the view of finding a good home for the dog.

The e-mail from my daughter indicated they were considering that now was the right time to have a dog. I spoke to her on the phone but when describing the situation, she reclined. ‘It loses too much fur!’ was the reply.

K. next door was asked but as the family are out most of the day, that I know would be NO.

L. proved the answer as her friend in Southampton loves dogs and wanted another one. So this was our main visit to J’s’.

The morning, cold and the heavy mist that had hung over the previous day, had lifted to let in the sunshine, giving us to say ‘oh what a lovely day. Aren’t we lucky?’ Lana with her gift of home-made quiche, Spotty and I got into the car. Setting off I took the Glyneath by-pass road. The route passed many places of interest which were pointed out to Lana. She had not travelled that way before.

Passing the Falls I noted how well the new visitors centre was progressing and it could be seen from the road. This a good point as more people would be attracted to the site.

Approaching the Crai reservoir the weather changed dramatically. Thick mist engulfed the area. The ground and trees, mostly fir, were covered with heavy frost, depicting a Christmas card scene.

Lana could not get over how lovely the countryside is here in Wales.

Passing the reservoir Spotty pushed her nose up against the window, giving large sniffs. This was her origins and she knew it. This was where her first two years of her life began by being encouraged to be a working sheep farm dog.

Turning into Crai one goes into another world. The old traditions carried on with minor modern methods of farming. An example being that the hedgerows are kept under control by hand method and not using a machine which just hacks the hedge leaving it very jagged.

The window was wound down and Spotty sniffed as we passed the ‘farm’ where all her ‘family’ were out in the yard. They all barked at each other.

Trees and hedgerows along the winding road that led up to J.’s were picturesque.

After introductions and a tour of J.’s house everyone got into my car and we headed back down to see I. and meet the dog needing a new home. His name is Chip.

Standing in the yard, I. J. L. and I watched as Spotty met the other dogs and sniffed all the familiar places. When M. – the farmers’ wife – came out she eagerly ran to her, tail wagging, and oh so pleased to see her.

It is at least 4 years since she last met them all. Her Mother Juno was in the ‘warm barn’ as being old liked somewhere warm to spend her days.

Back at the house we enjoyed a bowl of chicken and vegetable soup and the talk of ‘getting to know you.


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Life provided me a long variety of experiences in skills, careers and hobbies. Countryside, nature, gardening, reading, cooking, knitting, cross-stitch. Originally from Reading/Newbury areas, now reside in S. Wales. Writing stories, telling tales of everyday life . Take a peep in my 'treasure chest' and enjoy your read. All work on this site is copyright of the owner
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