Spotty & Health

Sunday morning when opening the kitchen door Spotty was lying on the floor. She was shaking and on looking into her basket had seen she had been sick.Giving her stroke I comforted her and she stopped shaking. I think she was afraid I would be cross with her.

I also noted she had peed on the floor by the kitchen door. This is most unusual as she would normally go on the paper provided by the sink. I began to sort out the mess – blanket washing, bed disinfected and washed the floor. All this time and Spotty did not move. With encouragement she did get up and wobble along the passage. I noticed she had been lying in a mess, having had her bowels open. It was formed and looked normal.

I washed her paws as sick was on them too. it seems her back side is wobbly. She after her breakfast with the Metacalm in. Later in the morning I took her for the walk up the road. The pace was very slow and she looked very sad. We came back and Spotty went in her basket and slept. The day was spent doing this where as she usually follows me round the house

later that afternoon I took her for another walk. The sun was shining and we managed as far as the park to see the newly arrived swan on the bottom pond.

Today Spotty had weed on the puppy pads that I’d put down . No sickness  but instead of coming down to lay by my bed while I had my first cuppa of the day she stayed on her bed.She tried to get out of bed still her back legs not wanting to work properly. I put her lead on as she always seems to find comfort in this. We walked round the garden and I took her up the steps to the patio where she was able to have a wee. All at a slow speed. She ate her breakfast with her medication and is now lying on the mat –right where I will fall over her!!!!

As you can imagine I’m very concerned about her but must realise at the age of almost 14 her life at the moment is a bonus..

I will keep you up dated on her progress.

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5 Responses to Spotty & Health

  1. mavimet says:

    Please give Spotty a hug from me and a big sloppy kiss from Chester.

  2. Thanks I’ve given Spotty your hug and big sloppy kiss from Chester

  3. Thanks Eleenie She will have your hug.

  4. blosslyn says:

    I think both of you need a big hug, hope she is feeling better soon 🙂

  5. Mags Corner says:

    Oh, we are so sorry about your sweet Spotty and hope she is having no pain. We will keep you both in our thoughts and prayers. Big hugs for you both and nose kisses for sweet Spotty.

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