Spotty Update Day 3

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Today Spotty lay in her basket while I put the kettle on for my first cuppa of the day.

She opened her eyes and looked at me then shut them. Usually she gets out of her basket, gives a big stretch and makes her way to the bedroom to lie down on the mat beside my bed. Today she stayed where she was .

After my cuppa I put on my outdoor coat (its’ cold) and encouraged her to come outside. She feels secure when she has her lead on so we walked together out side where she did her wee.

Breakfast we take together Something told me to give her medicine on her treat and give straight away and not in with her food.  As I ate my breakfast  I noted Spotty did not attempt to eat hers.

This morning  is when I go to my computer course. Usually she has the run of the flat while I am out but today I left her in the kitchen.

Before leaving I took her up the end of the road. A slow walk and looking very sad with every effort to walk.

On returning she’d perked up a bit. I had to go up to the local hospital for blood tests and decided a ride in the car would be beneficial. She slept while I went in. Back at the car I drove on to park at Aberavon beach. She was able to get out of the car herself.

Walking along the prom the wind blew and it was cold but Spotty was managing a bit better, even wanting to go down on the sand. Due to al the bad weather we have been having large amounts of water were on the beach making access difficult so we did not go down.

In the afternoon Spotty rested in her basket and I have now just returned from a quick walk up the road and back. Her tail now wagged and she took in one or two smells.

Once she starts to smell I know the pain must be getting under control with the medicine

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One Response to Spotty Update Day 3

  1. Mags Corner says:

    Glad to hear that the medicine seems to be working and Spotty and you had a nice outing. With less pain she most likely will move around more. Hope she continues to feel better and you two can continue to enjoy walking. Hugs and give sweet Scotty nose kisses for us.

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