Visit To The Hospital

Wednesday I went for my long awaited appointment. 22 January I had the Endoscopy 5 March to see the surgeon.

First we had to wait an hour, yet no one went in or came out before I went in.(My daughter was with me) The nurse showed us into the ‘examination’ room. A very small room with just the examination couch, a couple of chairs and plain walls – quite depressing. It was a further 10 minutes before HE showed up.

There was no apology for being late, his attitude cold, uncaring and unprofessional. Very few word were spoken.

HE told me I had a Hiatus hernia (already knew this as diagnosed in 2010) Nothing HE could do about it. Then reeled off all complications of having the Gall Bladder operation and did I really want it done? The pain will still be there the hernia will get worse.

Well I ask you – can he foresee the future? I believe he was trying to put me off to have this op. We were then told it would be another 6-8 MONTHS!

We were able to get Him to agree I could go in at short notice when there was a cancellation.

My daughter asked him about the ’abnormal oesophagus’ which was on the Endoscopy report. The reply – ‘another term for the hernia.’

The whole time spent was 10 minutes.

Naturally my daughter and I were appalled at all this. Today (Thursday) she phoned and spoke to my G.P who will make further enquiries to find a hospital in my locality with a shorter waiting list. Also as my daughter lives in Basingstoke she will see if it could be done at her hospital Would this be possible it would mean she would not have to take time off from her work as I would stay with her for the duration.


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One Response to Visit To The Hospital

  1. mavimet says:

    After such a long wait for this appointment, I can sure understand how frustrated you must be.

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