Spotty Update



Spotty has good days and bad but is still with us.

Last Sunday she walked very well on an evening walk. Not fast but took us an hour and we walked up a different path, a little steep and the path tree lined. She stopped to smell. Up at the middle pond we looked for the wildfowl on the pond but none were to be seen. She spoke to the other dogs too.Going back down to the car we took the very steep steps shortcut. She smiled a lot. The sun was shining and despite it being evening it was still warm. That memory will be with me for ever.

I am now wondering whether this is her last walk.

Yesterday she didn’t want to do much but still pottered around a little.

When I put her to bed she lay by the door and I said goodnight. This morning she was still in the same place and I could smell something not very nice.

Whoops she had had her bowels open and was still lying in it – Not loose. Any way I gave her a wash to clean her up but found she could not use her back legs. I had to feed her and most of the day she stayed in one place. For a short while in the afternoon the sun came out and I carried her outside as you can see by the photo.

The other photo is just after she had her tea. She cannot understand why her paws will not work. Despite her troubles she still manages to smile.


Out in the garden 5 August         5 August out in garden

                     Being outside in the warmth of the sun.

                                             My back legs won't work

                                                            My back legs won’t work!


She is being so brave and appears to have the fighting spirit in her.

Bless her.


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2 Responses to Spotty Update

  1. Mags Corner says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. I am glad you both got to enjoy the nice walk together. Keeping Spotty and you in prayers. Warm hugs and nose kisses for you both from me and mine.

  2. mavimet says:

    I don’t like to ‘like’ a post when Spotty isn’t feeling good, but I am glad that you are writing about her. Hopefully this is just a reaction to the long walk and she will be feeling better again soon. As a suggestion, I think it would be better to keep the walks very short from now on – even when she is feeling good. She may have over exerted herself. I know Chester’s vet said to keep the walks short for him because he will always go as far as I want him to, but will be very stiff and sore the next day. Chester sends big sloppy kisses to both of you.

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