Getting to know you – Fan

First may I apologise for not blogging recently. Our Welsh weather has given us some lovely hot, dry, sunny days. And when this happens I’m afraid I do not stay indoors but just love the great outdoors.

It has given me the opportunity to walk Fan (my new dog) and introduce some of our walks. She is hard work on the lead at present and pulls. I contacted my local dog trainer who came out last Saturday and showed me the ropes.

Fan is skittish walking along pavements yet the cars don’t bother her. Walking up and down hills  (which cannot be avoided in my area) is a nightmare. But as they say in time this will all improve. Once in the local park she is fine.

Every time passing the car in the driveway, she wants to get in. We have been to the beach in the car. Aberavon has a special area up near the docks and mouth of the river, where dogs can be all year round.She loves to run with the other dogs to play. But at present she is kept on her lead. The extension lead is very good for her to be exercising on the beach and in the local park. I am keeping her on the lead and also a trainer lead whilst walking the pavements. She has also had a paddle in the sea and I can see she is not afraid of the waves.

We have a lovely walk going through  the Eagles-bush valley and up a country track with fields one side and a wooded area the other. Again she is on the extension lead. Fan ran up the bank, through the wire fence and was on the edge of the field. She ran left,then right and I had to tell her to come back down the same way she went in!

Here are some photos of that walk



Eaglesbush walk 8 Sept       Enjoying walk 8Sept   

         Path in Eagles-Bush                                      Enjoying


1.Smelling 8 Sept       Interesting smell 8 Sept

               Interesting Smell                           I’m not ready to go yet!


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3 Responses to Getting to know you – Fan

  1. Mumsy's Little Chancy Man says:

    Oh, how nice that you have such great places to walk with Fan. Great pictures of your walk. I bet it is fun to watch her with the other dogs and at the beach. She is pretty and I really like her face markings. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Thanks. yes she does have lovely markings. Every sheepdog have these markings but displayed in their each own distinctive ways. Spotty was more white than than black.

  3. mavimet says:

    Glad you’ve got some good weather to enjoy the walks with Fan. 🙂

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