Fan and Freedom

Fan has ben with me 8 weeks now. 9 If you count the days she went missing. I will tell you about that episode in another blog.

She is getting calmer now and when walking will not pull on the lead. her walks started by wearing a training lead around her neck and having walked into ‘safe’ areas I put the extension lead on her harness. This gives her freedom to explore. Now she is on an ordinary lead on her harness and her extension lead when in the park

Fan has been taken on the same walk up to the local park with a few different walks thrown in. She loves the car and I take her when I go to do a short shop in one of our bigger retail stores, i.e Tesco..

Another trip is to the beach but at the moment I am not driving as my eye sight is not too good .I believe it is my cataracts.  I go to the opticians tomorrow and the hospital on Tuesday. So over the past 3 weeks its been to Gnoll park.

It is such a joy to work and watch this nervous, frightened dog, gain her confidence. I have been very scared to let her off the lead to run free, in case she does not come back when called. I needed someone to give me confidence and the one person to help would be my son.

Last Sunday I had been invited to Sunday dinner with my son. Just like the old days when I had Spotty. Fan is scared of men but she is getting a fraction better. Meeting my son she bonded. Whilst waiting for food Fan spent time hiding under the chair, eyeing Ruby. (Yorkshire terrier) up and down. The dogs had mashed veg. with Roast beef on their dishes. Fan’s dish was put in front of her and she ate it all.

We walked down to Swansea beach. The tide was out so we went down close to the water. For the first time I took off the lead and allowed Fan freedom. For the next half hour Fan ran doing her ‘rounding skills’ with Ruby to the extent Ruby became a little frightened. She shows this by jumping up to my son. At this point Fan was put on the lead.

I had gained my confidence.

A few days later, up at the park, I took the lead off. She ran in the nearby woodland that had small bushes,  trees and logs, I couldn’t see her but called. She came back quickly. I did this several times and she returned immediately. Fan found a muddy patch and got paws were very dirty. Putting her lead back on we continued to the stream where both parties paddled  and the paws became clean. We have 2 large grassy areas. Ideal for dogs to run and games to play and picnics. Again her lead was taken off. She loved the area and found a couple of other dogs to play with.

Today the weather is still warm for the time of year. At the middle pond on the grassy area. let her off again. I walked over to a bench and sat to watch her play. I did not have to call her back despite  (with her speed) she went  quite a way away BUT she returned. The leaves were changing and there was a wind which blew the leaves down like confetti.

I have no recent photos as I keep forgetting to take my camera.

3. Fan at trees in Gnoll Park

This is the beginning of our walk in Gnoll Park. Some of the big trees have been taken down and the remaining ones stand, looking bare but as we all know nothing is ever left with nothing as many small creatures will make their homes in the dead wood. These trees were once the home of squirrels.I wonder where there new homes are now/


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One Response to Fan and Freedom

  1. mavimet says:

    Wonderful to hear how confident and happy that Fan is becoming now. 🙂 You are doing a wonderful job with her Mary!

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