Fan Time

here in Wales we have been experiencing mild weather for the time of year. between days of rain the sun has come out making it delightful to be out doors.



Life is Great



Having a new dog in your life takes much time in adjusting to each others way of living.

When dear Spotty was with me the walks were slow and not far. Towards the end of her life. Now with Fan it has altered.

I feel it is important to spend time getting to know and train your dog , however long it takes.

At the start of our walks Fan would be pulling on the lead. I used a training lead. She had her harness on too. When reaching, for example, the park I attached the extension lead and she could run a little way but I knew she was safe.

The first time I took her off the lead and let her run free was scary. (6 weeks) Would she come back?

I was pleasantly surprised – she did! Where she had her first experience was where there were trees and low bushes and fallen logs beside the park path. She ran so I could not see her . I called –she came back. Now always off the lead she will be running all the while.She loves going up and down banks, going in the water another delight.

I am now going to training classes and our first one last Friday. here we did sit,down up. 3Plasic round objects with a hole in were placed on the floor and a treat placed inside. Fan soon found these and even picked the dish up after wards. All the training this week was done with ’sausage’ treats.


1. Oxwich Bay                                     1.Fan on a mission

   Oxwich Bay                      14 November 2014           On a Mission


Last Friday my daughter and I visited Oxwich Bay Gower. Dogs are allowed on this beach all year round.

The Oxwich Bay Hotel welcomes dogs and we were able to ha a bite to eat with Fan having her first experience of being tied to my chair.

I wil leave you know with this photo my daughter took of us both.

1. Mary and Fan


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3 Responses to Fan Time

  1. mavimet says:

    It is great to hear how you are both adapting to each other so well! Also lovely to see the picture of the 2 of you together. 🙂

  2. Thanks Just putting up another photo my daughter took the other day

  3. Mags Corner says:

    It seems as you two are doing very well with training and going for walks. Nice picture of the two of you. Hugs and nose kisses

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