Dog Training–week 2

This week we were very lucky to have the ‘trainer’ to ourselves.

Fan and I worked on ‘lead’ training. She walks beside you – give treat. she pulls away- stop and with no pulling on the lead call come when she is beside you another treat and repeat the exercise.

I want Fan to be able to play. Plastic saucers of red and white with a hole in the centre were placed around the hall. Inside the treat. Fan had to find of which she did But the most interesting part in this skill was that Fan found the  saucer, picked it up and brought it to me (I was sitting on the chair) then go back for the treat.

Balls were rolled across the floor but she wasn’t interested. The hour flew past and with these new skills to learn we shall practice often. As my trainer said ‘repetition often and finally she will know and the treats stop when Fan does it automatically.

Week 3 next Saturday


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