That’s My Boy–Benji



Benji has been with me for just over 3 months. it is interesting to observe how he is settling in. There have been many different experiences he has encountered.

His food regime has altered. The Vet advised a change of diet and to begin with I bought from our local Pet Store dried  fish & Rice. Recommended by the shop assistant. Unfortunately it was a brand that could only be bought at that store! I then gave Benji ‘Real chicken and Rice or Fish and Rice mixed with some of the dried. On returning to the store the assistant said that was a bad thing to give them the fresh. “How ridiculous” how thought. And so over time I’ve experimented & have now come up with: Tinned chicken in jelly mixed with Omega Tasty (always used this dried food for Spotty) with a few drops of coat conditioner – His BREAKFAST. The evening meal consists of Rice with either chicken or fish & a few other dried food mixed in.

He sleeps out in the kitchen under the table with his blanket wrapped right around him.

I can leave Benji for long periods of time of which he will lie on the chair to look out of the front window as in the photo above.

His walks are interesting as I seem to be walking all the places where I took Spotty. He walks beside me on the lead. Off the lead in the park Benji will go up to all the other dogs to say ‘Hello’. Should I call him whilst he’s talking to the dogs he will not come back but afterwards he will.

Benji had never been to the beach and found this place delightful. The sand soft to his paws. We have walked along the canal, in the local park and our small valley.

Riding in the car he, at first, ‘whinged’ very loudly all the time. But I say he was talking. Slowly he is getting used to the car, being quieter and we have now reached the stage where he talks on the outward journey but quiet on the way home.

I have introduced him to having a cuppa at my favourite cafe’


We often go over to my Son for Sunday lunch. Here he plays with Ruby, my son’s dog.

Benji has another girlfriend who is only 8 months old. She has been very poorly but is now better. We have walked up the local park together and been back to their house where the 2dogs have ran round the garden and played indoors. Benji has even given Tizzy some licks on her face.



Last Sunday I introduced Benji to the train. I was greatly concerned about how he would get on the train as there is a big step up from the platform to the train. We waited on the platform. A train came in on the other side. Benji did not stir – stood very still. The train is quite noisy when it starts off but it did not disturb  Benji. Our train came in,we moved to the door. It opened and the people got off. Benji immediately jumped on the train with no problem at all. Amazing!!!!! He talked quietly on the 20 minute journey to Swansea. Coming home he was the same. I could tell he just loved trains. In time I will be able to take him to Basingstoke to visit my daughter.

I have called in to see the person who gave him to me. he lives just down the road, Benji knew where he was and had a big smile on his face as he raced around the patio garden that has lots of steps. The children from next door were playing outside and they were over the moon to see Benji again. These people live in flats and are unable to keep dogs,hence Benji came to me. I asked whether Benji had been on trains before and was told no. He had not even been to the beach. Benji lived in Swindon, up in England.

Going back the the ‘smile’ It is only in the past few weeks Benji has begun to smile.

We are going to Adult training classes but this is more for me as to know how to interact with Benji to make his life full of fun.

The first week we did ‘eye contact’ and last week ‘lead work’

I apologize for the length of this blog but felt I needed to update you all on Benji. It has taken me a while to get adjusted to my new dog and to get over the loss of Spotty and having to take Fan back to kennels. So maybe I am now back on track and can resume regular blogs once again. Thank you for reading


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6 Responses to That’s My Boy–Benji

  1. mavimet says:

    Love reading this Mary. Sounds like you and Benji are the perfect match!

  2. Mags says:

    I did not think this post was too long at all sweet Mary. Benji is just adorable and I can see that you and he are doing very well together. It is nice he has friends that he enjoys spending time with. Is sounds like you and he both are really enjoying your walks. He is such a good boy and it is wonderful that he did so well on the train. That little Tizzy is adorable too. Hugs and nose kisses to you both from Chancy and me.

  3. Thank you for those kind words from you both x x

  4. Clowie says:

    He looks a lovely dog. I hope you continue to enjoy walks and car rides together. It’s great that he was so good on the train with you if he’d never been on one before.

  5. Leo says:

    I see Benji has a coat just like our `Lucky` had in the UK. When we were there it was so cold in the Winter that he used to beg to put the coat on before going out. during the snow we had to stop very often to get the snowballs out from under his feet as he had feet like a Hobbit, very fury.

  6. Leo thanks for your comment. Benji is always pleased to wear his coat. Ah those were the days for ‘Lucky’

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