A Walk Round My garden–Spring 2015

Spring seems to be a little later this year. It is only now that the plants are growing. I have enjoyed a delightful display of yellow daffodils in their pots scattered around the garden.

The fruit trees had yellow and mauve crocus around their base.


Most years the Camellia has been in bud and flowering in Jan./Feb. but not ‘till April this year.

                                      WP_20150409_19_11_17_Pro[1]                  WP_20150409_19_11_34_Pro[1]

Now the fruit trees have there leaves; the rhubarb growing strongly; Lavender has the fresh look on its leaves; the Rosemary displays its tiny mauve flowers; The butterfly tree has its fresh green leaves;Primroses are out

I have been pruning some of my small bushes in pots. Put more soil on to the borders. In my preparation the sun sends warmth. Clear skies above and birds sing. I’ve seen Butterflies and Bees.

It is still cold first thing in the morning but later warms up.

                                             WP_20150409_19_12_34_Pro[1]         WP_20150409_19_09_46_Pro[1]

View from the Arbour and My forsythia, given to me by an old friend who is longer with us.

                                            WP_20150409_19_10_15_Pro[1]                    WP_20150409_19_10_42_Pro[1]

The Lavender Bush and Round by the Arbour.

To stop the washing from being in awkward places I have to arrange the plants in such a way as she cannot put the washing to obstruct my views. S Last year she constantly moved the washing around the garden saying , ‘I’m following the sun’!



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4 Responses to A Walk Round My garden–Spring 2015

  1. mavimet says:

    Lovely to see all your flowering trees and bushes Mary. One day we will have flowers here too (I hope). 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll enjoy yours.

  2. Mags says:

    It looks and sounds wonderful around your place sweet Mary. The flowering plants and trees are beautiful. Lots of lovely colors. Hope it all works out with the hanging wash and there will be no more blocking of your view. Thanks for sharing your beautiful plants. Hugs

  3. Leo says:

    Containers are being used more in my garden now. Yours are coming on beautifully now, and it keeps the pests at bay or at least makes them easier to control. I had problems with Cabbages last year, so I made 2 long wooden troughs which makes it easier to clean the butterfly eggs off. as they are in a sunny spot in the side garden they blend in well.

  4. Leo, thank you for your comment. i’ve a few fruit trees, in their 2nd year, all displaying fresh green leaveas and the Cherry is full of white blossom. Like your idea of a wooden trough.

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