Mixed News/Nature. Pets. Crafts.

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Quite a lot has been happening.

The weather remains cold and we do get sunny days. i have been able to buy my seasonal flowers and planted up the pots. The fruit trees from last year are growing well but only 1 apple tree had blossomed and my Cherry tree had masses of white flowers and now the green of the cherries have formed. They wait for the warm sun to turn them to red and ripe to eat. Hope I get there before the birds!!!!. Age catches up with us and I find that to prune my Laurel and Butterfly tree very difficult. I employed someone to cut and what a mess they made so I was up the ladder and sorting out the trees to my liking. All the garden has an abundance of flowers in pots and again await the warm weather to get get the full benefit of flowering.

The swans have now produced their cygnets. This year on the bottom pond, they have 4 babies.Down on the canal they have a total of 9 babies. The pond ones were born about 3 weeks ago. I do have photos but can’t find the connection to transfer on to the blog.

Benji back in early spring entered the dog show on bank holiday Monday. He won a cup and yellow rosette for being THE JUDGES FAVORITE 3rrd place. Today is his birthday and is 12 years old. it’s rained and cold today so he’s been indoors.

We did another show last Sunday but that was not as good – not very well organised, I thought, After a while Benji just kept barking so retired from the show and we walked in the park of which he loved. As they say ‘we’ve done that’ so now its time to settle to down to walks which we both enjoy.

He has been to DOGGY SCHOOL for 6 weeks and has a certificate to say he attended. Benji often visits his girlfriend Tizzy – only 8 months old JTR – and they have great fun. One day he stepped into their pond and came out filthy – home for a bath

We have been enjoying some good walks together. I am feeling much stronger now and am able to get back into doing long walks

I’m feeling let down today as having tried for 3 weeks to get the gas man up to sort out one of my radiators he promised to be here tonight. Men, I find most unreliable. Anyway not to be defeated I will get hold of a well known firm to get them. It amazes me that they say yes they will not let you down – always there in the beginning BUT after service VERY VERY BAD

I have joined a couple of ‘groups’ which help me to socialise. Both are knitting and crochet. One group we do for Preemie babies and make Twiddlemuffs for the Dementia patients – all charity work.

Life seems to be taking me up a new path/road. Incorporating new skills with the old.

Healthwise my Cataracts  have started and have just gone on the waiting list. here in Wales as you will gather from my other blogs, the NHS waiting times are VERY LONG.

So having finished this blog I’m going to put my pyjamas on and settle down to watch Eastenders.

As soon as I find my connection for the phone I will get the photos on to show you all.


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Life provided me a long variety of experiences in skills, careers and hobbies. Countryside, nature, gardening, reading, cooking, knitting, cross-stitch. Originally from Reading/Newbury areas, now reside in S. Wales. Writing stories, telling tales of everyday life . Take a peep in my 'treasure chest' and enjoy your read. All work on this site is copyright of the owner
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2 Responses to Mixed News/Nature. Pets. Crafts.

  1. Leo says:

    Ddo you use a cable or blue tooth to get the photos to the computer ? I find the quickest is to plug the card into my computer.

  2. I use a cable and have now found the part now so will be uploading the photos. Thanks for your comment

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