Story Time–In The Pot Garden

I have just been sorting out the ‘writings I have done over the years. To date I have just over 50. I would like to share with you one of them.  This is about the garden one Spring.



True Story – © miss mary

It’s been a long hard winter but Spring gave us a visit during the first week of April. But don’t let’s get too exciting, the touch of sun left us with a taste of ‘summer’ but did not last.

One has been able to get out in the garden and start getting the garden ready for Spring, Summer & Autumn.

This year prior to the weather getting milder (whilst confined to indoors) the seed regime had been planned.

Most years Petunias, Busy Lizzie ect. were purchased as developed small plants. This year was going to be different, growing from seed.

I wanted to make the most of my newly erected 4 tier ‘mini green house’. As well as the usual plastic covering that came with this purchase, Wilkinson’s sold the warmer fleece cover so this went on first, followed by the other one.

An ideal way to nurture seeds and protected from late frosts.

Again I purchased the seeds from Wilkinson; flowers, vegetables and herbs.

In Pound-stretcher small containers with lids were purchased, for only £00.99 At the same time the compost – seed and multipurpose were added to my shopping list.

Working away in the garden the suns’ warm rays touched my body, birds sang, the odd bumble bee danced around and a couple of butterflies flew by. Spotty lay paws outstretched, eyes shut, ears pricked up and we soaked up the Vitamin D provided by the sun.

An added noise this year is the duck telling the world he’s about. Someone a few streets away created a very small small-holding with hens and ducks. Their sound remind me of childhood days when I would wander round the farm-yard at the big house where my Mother was cook. I remember she put potato peelings vegetable scraps into an old bucket and it was taken over to the sty where the pigs were housed.

But I have diverted and so back to ‘getting the garden up’.

Soon all the seeds, various sizes, were settled in their special compost and placed in the new greenhouse and forgotten about for next 3 weeks.

Slowly the garden began to wake. The pansies in the window-sill boxes opened into delightful yellow edge and very dark brown centre of the petals. On a warm day the sweet smell fills the air.

Many of the pots that had displayed crocus and daffodils now grew weeds which were extracted from the earth. The bulbs were left to die down naturally.

Once the seeds have turned into sturdy plants they will be planted into those pots.

In the borders wallflowers produce their distinctive smell along with the flowers. For-get-me- knots their tiny blue flower add attraction to the border. Stinging nettles – why these you ask – are looking green and healthy and had to be cut back. These are grown for two reasons – to make nettle tea & butterflies adore this plant.

My Forsythia, again in a pot, gives a profusion of delicate yellow flowers prior to when they fall & rich light green leaves appear that will last throughout the summer months.

This plant is a reminder of a dear friend who tragically took her own life a few years ago.

The bird feeding station now has its green leaves and once it burst into flower again Butterflies will be hovering around and collecting the nectar from the flowers.

I have curtailed the fat-balls for the birds as the time has arrived when all the tiny creatures will come out of hibernation and will provide food for all.

Runner beans planted on28 March have on 14 April just pushed their way out of the soil. The pods had been left still on the canes throughout the winter and these were the seeds planted.

The first Rhubarb has been picked on 3 April and the crumble made. Always a favourite dish of mine with home picked fruits. The two containers of Gooseberries are prolific in greenery and am awaiting to see how many flowers will develop prior to the gooseberry.

The white garden tables -1 oblong, – 1 round. now up With my sons help have invested in a blue garden parasol. This will give shade while working on the lap-top outside.

At a later date the purchase of 2 water butts will be necessary to enable the conservation of water. As they say, ‘you can’t have everything at once’.

The top patio is in a mess with large stones and rubble lying on the cracked concrete. I don’t know when this will be sorted out but have made the best out of a bad thing. I cannot go all summer without sitting up here as it is the ‘evening’ garden – the only place where the sun looks down before retiring for the night.

The space made for my chairs and deckchair I sat with Spotty by my side to survey the garden below, listen to nature not a cloud in the sky –bliss.

A few days later, from my bedroom window, I saw sitting on my steps a young fox. He sat very very still, ears pointing straight up. Spotty was told to leave’ as she trembled wanting desperately to go and chase the fox away. I’m afraid I gave her a lecture on the fact that this fox, that we would call Foxy Loxy was our friend and we are friends with all wild animals. Why? ‘Cos we are nature lovers.

© miss mary


About marystreasurechest

Life provided me a long variety of experiences in skills, careers and hobbies. Countryside, nature, gardening, reading, cooking, knitting, cross-stitch. Originally from Reading/Newbury areas, now reside in S. Wales. Writing stories, telling tales of everyday life . Take a peep in my 'treasure chest' and enjoy your read. All work on this site is copyright of the owner
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3 Responses to Story Time–In The Pot Garden

  1. mavimet says:

    Wonderful story and memory Mary 🙂

  2. Leo says:

    A great story, i wish i could get the words onto the page.

  3. Mags says:

    This is a terrific story sweet Mary and what wonderful memories of some times you and sweet Spotty spent together. Your words paint a picture of a beautiful place when all is in bloom. I really enjoyed reading this. Hugs and nose kisses for you and Benji

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