Cataract Operation

My friend called early – always does. So this meant I arrived at the hospital11.45 – not due to 12.15.

Having purchased a bottle of water I meandered down to the Eye short stay unit. Giving my details I sat down to wait.

Throughout the whole day I admired the way in which the staff handled the patients and worked as a team.

First I was taken into the room and Blood Pressure and temperature taken, and of course my personal details. The wrist band was put on my right wrist, then back to the waiting room. The nurse told me I’d be seen by the doc who would be there at 2p.m. (now 12.45)

I was 5 the on the list. Oh dear I thought, a long wait ahead. I had not brought in anything to do. Asking if I could go to the hospital shop she said no as the Doc would see me any time!!!

So here I was with nothing to do – the books and very few magazines did not appeal to me. I sat there totally bored out of my mind. Think of all the crochet baby hats I could have created.back to the procedure. Throughout the afternoon 2 sets of eye drops were put in. I saw the doc who explained about the op. A bit of bad news though as the other eye(which is worse) will be done in 1 years time. Oh well not to worry about but sort out another time.

Most people there had a relative with them who could nip to the shop and get them something to eat. I had no-one and not much food anyway One thing about a local anaesthetic is you can eat and drink right up to your time of treatment

At 4.20 p.m. it was my turn. The whole procedure took 20 minutes. I felt nothing and was comfortable.A cup of welcome tea and I tucked into my Gluten-Free Xmas cake while I waited for my lift home. Travelling down the M4 at 5.45 p.m was very wet and much traffic. At home Benji welcomed me. he was taken for a short walk by my lift person. Once back I enjoyed the tea I’d prepared before hand.

At night I have to put the eye shield on. For the first 2 weeks I install1 eye drop 4 x day. More to tell you in my next blog


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2 Responses to Cataract Operation

  1. mavimet says:

    Wow – a very long wait – but glad you are back home with Benji and hope the healing goes well (as I am sure it will).

  2. Genevieve says:

    I’m glad all went well.

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