Why Am I Victimised

How much more must I put up with.!!!!!!

These photos show  what I have to put up with. She came home from work (and today its raining) and put these bins outside my back door. I can’t report her as it could jeopardise my move but today at this point I feel so, so ANGRY.

WP_20160501_17_21_29_Pro[1]    WP_20160430_13_05_39_Pro[1]   WP_20160501_17_30_50_Pro[1]

1    2    3

2 is earlier today. 1 is now so I put doggy bag on top, usually its inside and 3 the washing out. That’s what I’ve had to fight over the past few years. The whole of the back yard belongs to the ground floor and they have no right to do all they do. As they say keep strong, just laugh at her and maybe this has helped by writing down.

As you can see the yard is completely free of the plants. have had to move them round the very back to prevent them from being damaged by HER


To update you: The house of my original choice I have now decided not to buy, It will be ages before the tenants move out – the process of eviction and the fact that they are not willing to move.

I was so depressed Tuesday and went on Right Move to look again for another house.

Oh what joy. There was a cheaper house right opposite the vets. And that’s not very far from me now. Wednesday I viewed –low maintenance garden. House with 3 beds, 2 lounges. Fantastic view of Neath and surrounding hills – WOW. The couple moving out in a couple of weeks – back to England. Afternoon to Estate agent. It was on the market for £68,000 I offered £65,00 and was accepted

Saw solicitor on Thursday and I withdraw my purchase of one and we began the process of this one. She said she was not promising but we could complete in 2WEEKS. I will have money to spare now instead of a very tight budget.

Will do another blog on Benji.


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2 Responses to Why Am I Victimised

  1. Good luck with all your moving plans 🙂

  2. Mags says:

    I will be so happy for you sweet Mary when you can get moved away from that lady…she is just so not nice. Wonderful news that you found a better place and for less money. I hope everything falls into place and you can move in a very short time. Hugs

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