Garden Birds–Starting Again

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It looks like my garden did not have any visiting birds. There is no sign of humans feeding. The garden is bereft of bushes and trees. therefor I’m starting from scratch.

When I moved here in June I brought my container fruit trees. They have proved a success and are growing well in their new environment.

I studied the market on the internet to find what I would need. The decision was a ‘Bird Feeder Station’ and I would place it in the special patio bird stand.


Why is nothing easy? It took me a while to put together the poles ect. but left one pole off so is a bit shorter. Fixing it to the stand also a challenge and in the process mislaid the screw which attached the poles securely. But being resourceful I found a way.

As I have a cat – Rapunzel – living next door, it had to be placed somewhere cats cannot get at as well as where I can view from indoors. This is spot I have chosen.



I have filled with each container with a small amount of mixed seed and nuts., and hung the square food as it is. In the past I have noted it takes a while for the birds to find the feeding area. Hence it will be a waiting game. This all starts on 24 September 2016 and I wonder who will visit. I will be keeping a rcord and keep you all updated as things progress.


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4 Responses to Garden Birds–Starting Again

  1. Genevieve says:

    Good luck! You’re ready whenever they are…

  2. mavimet says:

    Looks good – I hope the birds find your feeder soon. It’s so wonderful to be able to watch them.

  3. Leo says:

    we seem to have birds the whole year round.there is a nest of robins that live in my hedge and come daily and hunt between the plants. The Sun birds are here around the year as my garden has lots of flowers for their nectar.I will have to put them on my blog as there are some unusual ones that only come every month.I was very surprised that Pigeons mate for life as we have a pair that have been coming most days for the last few years.the male pigeon injured it`s left foot with some fishing line but wouldn`t let me remove it.i fed it every day as it had a problem walking very far.the one toe has since fallen off and it is very tame and now follows me into the house until it`s been fed (plus the Mrs). 🙂

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