The Christmas Spirit

It is a tradition at the Christmas season for our towns decorate. I remember as a child visiting London with all its colourful lights displayed across the the streets.

When I first moved to Neath in 1977 again this tradition of the lights were put up,often they were of small Xmas trees, Holly and other Christmassy things. The shops windows were dressed in Christmas style and in the bigger stores a Grotto where Father Christmas sat, greeting the child, asking them had they been good all year , what would they like for Christmas. Each child left with a present.

I can remember That father Christmas would ride round the Estate on his sleigh. You would hear the sleigh bells ring and we would all go outside where Father Christmas gave out sweets. But that was a long time ago and give out

It seems those day are over. Where is the Festive Spirit here in Neath???? In am planning a trip to Cardiff shortly as I’m sure they will have a better display.

Across a few of our streets in town hangs a string of thin lights. Lights used to be draped around lampposts. A sign greeted you coming into Neath saying ‘WELCOME TO NEATH’ Alas no more.

Our Christmas tree stands in the square by Morrison food store with a large metal fence all round. Its very sad and lonely

The tree looks dismal – no decorations – no Christmas Fairy. That’s the Council for you. The people of Neath have banded together and 2 days ago decorated the fencing. The Council would not allow them to decorate the tree. Here are the photos I took today.


WP_20161204_15_12_53_Pro[1]          WP_20161204_15_13_16_Pro[1]                 WP_20161204_15_13_56_Pro[1] 




Looking at the first photo –notice the street light. – maybe this is instead of the Fairy


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5 Responses to The Christmas Spirit

  1. mavimet says:

    They put a fence around the Christmas tree and will not allow decorations on it! That is very unusual and sad Mary.

  2. Yes that’s right. Just goes to show how ‘tight’ our council is. I bet they are lining their pockets with our tax money so they can have a ‘good time’ and never mind others And yes I ‘m sad and angry
    Something should be done about it and hope it is

  3. karen says:

    We are all shaking our heads here. Surely they plan to decorate it. A few lights at least! Thanks goodness you have decorated the terrible fence. Words nearly fail me, to be honest. It would be better for the council not to bother at all than this half hearted attempt. X

    • Pleas spread the word how ‘mean’ this council is. NeathPorttalbot council, West Glamorgan, Wales. This council covers Porttalbot and I believe they have Xmas decorations. And in answer to ‘plan to decorate and put up lights’ No, they have no intention to do so. Mary

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