Christmas At The New Home–Benji


I’ve had several moves over the past years but my last home with Mary is the best. In our new home the fireplace has somewhere to hang my Xmas Stocking. Being so excited I hung it up 4 days before Christmas Eve. So I patiently waited.

WP_20161225_08_18_53_Pro[1]                                         WP_20161223_08_59_55_Pro[1]


Christmas morning and something was bulging from the stocking.


WP_20161225_08_18_53_Pro[1]                        WP_20161225_08_22_16_Pro[1]


Here I am opening my present from Tom,my friend from Basingstoke. He came to stay a little while ago – only a youngster. He’d given me a stocking with toys in.


Mary & I went over to her son. Ruby lives here and we always have a nice time. Both of us decided we would be very good while waiting for our dinners to cool. Then we were full up and slept.


WP_20161225_13_44_19_Pro[1]       WP_20161225_13_44_26_Pro[1]


WP_20161225_14_25_03_Pro[1]          WP_20161225_14_25_47_Pro[1]


And lastly the photo of my new harness and lead. Tried them out on the walk to the park to feed the swans and very comfortable. The harness les my paws be free to walk tidy.


WP_20161228_12_46_06_Pro[1]              WP_20161228_13_38_27_Pro[1]


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2 Responses to Christmas At The New Home–Benji

  1. Looking gorgeous as usual, B. Your new harness is a beauty! So glad you’re enjoying the holidays.

    Love and licks,

  2. mavimet says:

    Glad you and your Mom had a good Christmas Benji.

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