Visited the vets today (WED). Benji is not himself and is on the ‘scrounge’ for food constantly. Whilst out walking he picks up anything and unfortunately here in my town there are many folks discarding their take-away foods. Ideal for hungry dogs. Benji had ‘corn-on-the-cob’ and ended up with a belly ache. Today he went into my handbag and consumed a Cadburys Cream Egg. Benji also reached up to my bag with the plastic rubbish in, scattered on the floor and wrecked the kitchen – knocking over the chair, dragging out the dog bin from under the table.

Well it turns out that the injection he had last week was a Steroid and as he’s been on the tablets every other day until that visit (when told to stop them) he has had an over dose of them causing Benji to behave in this way. The area where his wart is – still not healed so now he has a collar.

I have decided to get a cage for him. When taking for his walk to wear a nozzle. Its hard work and upsetting to see my little boy like this and hope he will soon get back to himself. At least he still looks to me for comfort.

Will keep you updated on Benji’s progress.


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9 Responses to Update-Benji-Vet

  1. AnnieMae says:

    Poor, sweet Benji. I so hope all the steroids will be out of his body very soon and he will be back to his normal self…I feel for him and you both sweet Mary. I hope the wart heals soon too so he can be all well again. You are doing very well taking care of him and I know you will be so happy when he is doing good again, I will be too. Thank you for the update. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. mavimet says:

    So sorry that you and Benji are going through this Mary. I sure hope he heals quickly so you two can get back to normal again.

  3. Stay brave, B. Your mom is smart to get you a crate. That will keep you safe until the medicine gets out of your system. Steroids always make me hungry, too. Plus I am ALWAYS hungry, anyway. Feel better soon, buddy. Keep us posted.

    Love and licks,

    • Thanks Cupcake – I really feel out of sorts. We been to pet store and looked at crates but we have to wait for them to deliver the right size for me. This hunger is different from the usual hugar.

  4. Hi,sweet Mary was thinking about you and Benji sure hope Benji is doing okay now and you are too. Hugs for you and nose kisses for sweet Benji.

    • thanks, yes Benji now on the mend. He had a reaction to the steroid injection that’s what gave the irrational behaviour.
      As for me next week I go to see the specialist re the knee. Referal was made last August that’s our NHS for you!!!
      Have been on VITAL3 & no pain. Recommend to any one with bad knees.
      Love to you all – Mary & Benji

      • Glad to hear Benji is on the mend. Wow, that was sure a long time to have to wait for the specialist to see you. Sure good that you had something to take away the pain having such a long wait. I hope the specialist has a permanent solution for you. Love back to you sweet Mary.

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