Benji–Tablet Re-action

Nursing a dog who has a re-action to medication, I find,  challenging and worrying. In the first instance Benji showed irrational behaviour. Totally out of character. One tries to work out exactly what is wrong. Having the internet is a useful tool.

At the vets he was given a steroid inject yet at the time I did not know this. I was told to stop his steroid tablets. This was on the Wednesday. It was by chance on Saturday I found on the internet you slowly get off steroids. I knew this for humans but never crossed my mind about dogs. Hence he went back on them so I could reduce them down. On speaking with the vetenary nurse she said take half of one every other day for 3 times. I thought this was a bit drastic so have done it my way.

Half a tab. every other day for 7 days

Half a tab. 3 days then half a tab. twice a week and we now have stopped. He is much better in himself now – back to the old Benji.

He has a wart on his back that, I think, was nicked by the groomer.

On advice of vet for him to wear a collar. No way says Benji and took it off immediately. (he’s a clever, intelligent dog) Again I have used my own judgement and applied  cream. I works wonders.

Considering Benji may continue his disruptive behaviour I decided to buy him a crate – his very own den. I want this to be his place not a punishment so it will take time for him to get used to it – a happy den. But I don’t think I will need to carry out such drastic measures in shutting him in.

When I went out Benji would be searching for food and as you can see by the photos in the next blog, what he got up to. On our walks it was nose to the ground to pick up whatever he could.

As I’ve written before Benji has been on a diet – his food – Weight Reduction. Now down to 13k give or take a little bit He now has – Weight Control. Whatever is in this food had given Benji more agility and walks at a brisk pace. His coat is lovely and shiny, and is content with life.


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2 Responses to Benji–Tablet Re-action

  1. So happy to hear you are getting sweet Benji back to his usual self sweet Mary. Sometimes on some things we just know what is best to do for our fur sweeties…you did very well helping Benji. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. mavimet says:

    Glad he is getting back to himself Mary. 🙂

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