Benji on May Day 1st May 2017

He’s tired now and fast asleep. This weekend has been an exciting one for him.

Saturday my daughter visited. The weather was dry but still a bit cold. When she visits we all like to got to the beach. This time being no exception. We decided to head down to Caswell Bay. The beach is a lovely big curve and with the tide out we walked down to the sea edge. I let Benji off the lead, and he had such fun running along this great sparse area of sand and I was so delighted when I call him to heel and he came. Near the waters’ edge was a group of large rocks we had not noticed before. On inspection of them we discovered hundreds and hundreds of dead star fish, in the rock pools, clinging on to the rocks.. I put benji on the lead so he didn’t go to sniff or touch them as we had no idea how they came to the end of their life. This did not end there as when we walked to the top part of the beach there were more all in the sand and rock pools. kept Benji on the lead, I hasten to add. There is a lovely cafe’ at the top who allow dogs in, so we had a cuppa inside and watched life go by down on the beach.

That night (in the middle of the night) I was woken with Benji being sick and the next few hours was awake keeping an eye on him. His tummy ‘rummbled’, quite loud. He really was under the weather. Gave him a very small breakfast and he was able to do a slow walk in the morning. I wanted to show my daughter the lovely walk in Eaglesbush, with all the bluebells and greenery out. For the the rest of that day he slept and  chicken and rice he had for his tea. After a good nights sleep Benji was back to his old self. Could he have picked up something on the beach. I’ve decided now to avoid the sand and just walk either the prommanade or sand dunes ect.

I was happy as I’d worried he would not be able to atttend the THE DOG SHOW.

With a much recovered dog we went to the show. Whilst waiting I walked him around the streets nearby, then around the field – so he did not get bored. The time came and as pleased as punch our Benji entered GOLDEN OLDIE. He came second and we now have another certificate and Rosette – blue. He tried for JUDGES BEST but as I told him ‘you won the cup a couple of years ago and now its someone elses turn’’’.

Well I hope you all have a good Bank Holiday as we have. On that note I will finish this blog


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Life provided me a long variety of experiences in skills, careers and hobbies. Countryside, nature, gardening, reading, cooking, knitting, cross-stitch. Originally from Reading/Newbury areas, now reside in S. Wales. Writing stories, telling tales of everyday life . Take a peep in my 'treasure chest' and enjoy your read. All work on this site is copyright of the owner
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3 Responses to Benji on May Day 1st May 2017

  1. mavimet says:

    Sounds like a very fun and exciting weekend. Glad Benji is feeling better again. I am glad you got to spend time with your daughter too. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your award, buddy! Sounds like a fun beach trip – not counting the ugliness of the night.

    Love and licks,

  3. What a nice time you all had. Sorry about all the dead fish and sweet Benji getting sick though. You are such a good doggie mom sweet Mary and watch over Benji well. Congratulations to sweet Benji on winning second place. Happy that he was well and you all were able to make the dog show. Love, hugs and nose kisses

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