Bank Holiday weekend May–Garden

I never take a trip out in the car to go walking either in the country or by the coast. living close to toursit areas they are always very busy wjhen the sun shines and people descend on the our beauty spots.

This year it has been warm and dry and I have been able to get out the paint and paint brush and commenced painting the outside walls. I have done them in CREAM and must admit I feel pretty proud of what I have achieved. Looks so much better adding a bright clean look to the garden. It has been many years since painting.

What I like now is the security of my garden. The privacy gives me pleasure to enjoy the outside world again. Before camaras were up watching my every move. The people upstairs always contradicting or asking ‘what are you doing’’?’I even re-call how involved I was in sorting out the top patio when the ‘mam’ from upstairs came round and I had a big argument with him where he actually threw an item at me , missing me by inches.

Still those days are behind me now – great!!

Guess the only thing bothering me now are the cats (3) from next door like to do their buisness in the garden. Have now managed to fill the ground so they will now have great difficulty.

The fruit trees in pots (brought from the old house) are doing very well. Runner beans and Peas and the potatoes I love to watch growing very well. I thought I’d lost the Rhubarb but hey presto  a leaf has now appeared. In my small garden pond (made from a washing up bowl) I have counted 16 Tadpoles. Earlier in the Spring my friend gave me some of her frog spawn. I’ve always wanted these.

On this note I will close as its time for breakfas – Benji and Me


About marystreasurechest

Life provided me a long variety of experiences in skills, careers and hobbies. Countryside, nature, gardening, reading, cooking, knitting, cross-stitch. Originally from Reading/Newbury areas, now reside in S. Wales. Writing stories, telling tales of everyday life . Take a peep in my 'treasure chest' and enjoy your read. All work on this site is copyright of the owner
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2 Responses to Bank Holiday weekend May–Garden

  1. I am so happy for you sweet Mary that you now have a garden that you can enjoy. I hope the issue with the cats gets all sorted out and you can keep enjoying your beautiful garden. It sounds like all the plants are thriving well. Hugs for you and some nose kisses for sweet Benji.

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