Recently I took Benji for his groom. They did not do him very well AND have since worked out he picked up a nasty infestation of fleas.

It started about 4 weeks ago. The scratching and biting was irritating him. We visited the vet and she shaved an area around his tail and said ‘ it was an infection’. I was given cream, a short course of Prednisilone and to bathe in salt water. I duly did this but found it was getting no better. Back to the vet again. More fur around his tail was shaved. ‘When did you last do his flea protectio?’ I replied h that he was due it now. ‘Go home and put that on, bath the area with HIBISCRUB and continue the cream as well as some more of the pills.’

It was last Wedmesday when we visited the vet. Now I am pleased to say, the scratchin and biting does not happen. HE IS ON THE MEND.

During his treatment I would put the ‘collar’ on but if I wasn’t around he some how or another was able to remove it. I also kept his coat om so this helped to get it better. Out on walks there was no need for the coat as his mind was busy on ‘sniffing ‘ the highways and byways. Yesterday was the first night he slept with out his coat on. As I write he is now in bed sleeping without his coat.

Despite his ‘illnes’ this did not deter us from our walks. We are lucky to have a beach he can run on and here are a couple of photos taken the other day. The photos are not too good and as the light was difficult I was guessing. The 1st phot shows looking out to sea and the tide was out


049               050


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2 Responses to Benji–Update

  1. Poor little Benji. Fleas are no fun! So happy you’re on the road to recovery, little buddy.

    Love and licks,

  2. mavimet says:

    Glad you’ve solved that problem and Benji is feeling much better now.

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