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Wishing everyone a  Happy Christmas & a peaceful New Year                     Don’t you just love Xmas. All those christmassy papers hiding presents? I decided to open one whilst Mary was out. It was addressed to me and it was … Continue reading

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My Benji

I have just realised I have not posted in a while. We have neen enjoying hot,sunny weather and I have been in my garden weeding, sorting out beds and watching my flowers,veg, and the only tree to fruit, the apple … Continue reading

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Visited the vets today (WED). Benji is not himself and is on the ‘scrounge’ for food constantly. Whilst out walking he picks up anything and unfortunately here in my town there are many folks discarding their take-away foods. Ideal for … Continue reading

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Sad & Wanting

Feeling devastated but should have known better. taking a while to get my head round this bit of news. The move has been postponed until 13 June. Know its not long,but now very unsure whether its going to happen. Going … Continue reading

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Woken At Midnight

  I don’t stay up for midnight but fall asleep to be woken at that time with the bangs and flashes of others celebrating the New Year. With Spotty fireworks never bothered her. Fan just went mad going everywhere trying … Continue reading

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Problems Taking a While To Sort Out

Sorry about not posting lately. many problems have occurred as well as Benji and I are getting acquainted. WATER,WATER, EVERYWHERE Recently I had a flood in the house. Opening one of my cupboards I was greeted with2 inches of water. … Continue reading

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Day Trip At Sea

    Has any one suffered with sea-sickness?This happened to me recently My friend and I were looking forward to our trip on THE BALMORAL. We first booked to travel fro Swansea to Ilfracombe and then having a steam train … Continue reading

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Benji has An Adventure

I called up to see my friend who lives just down the road. The dogs, Benji and Tizzy gave each other kisses then played. .I sat indoors and chatted. On looking out side we saw a very muddy Benji!! His … Continue reading

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Flat on Your Face

I am sure you have all heard of the above saying. well this literally happened to me the other day. 1st. December 2014. My son’s birthday. A few days back I had said to him ‘What do you want for … Continue reading

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Remembering Those of www1

             My crochet poppy   This year I would like to share with you a family memory of www1. I love researching and have found out a little bit more on the history of this event, this … Continue reading

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