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Benji at the Vets April 2018

We had another visit to the vets last week. Benji’s lump has grown larger and he was having a very sad face which led me to believe he was in pain. At the vets she took a biopsy an is … Continue reading

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My Benji

I have just realised I have not posted in a while. We have neen enjoying hot,sunny weather and I have been in my garden weeding, sorting out beds and watching my flowers,veg, and the only tree to fruit, the apple … Continue reading

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The Walk After The Rain

At long last here in my part of the world, the clouds dispersed a ‘little’ to reveal a little blue sky behind them. No rain. But I believe it will be back before too long. Since my operation 3 December … Continue reading

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Life is Great by Benji

  Hello everyone. Today I have celebrated being at my new home for 1 year, It takes a while to settle in your new home and your new Mum. Life with Mary, my Mum, is great. We go for walks … Continue reading

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Mixed News/Nature. Pets. Crafts.

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Quite a lot has been happening. The weather remains cold and we do get sunny days. i have been able to buy my seasonal flowers and planted up the pots. The fruit … Continue reading

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Benji has An Adventure

I called up to see my friend who lives just down the road. The dogs, Benji and Tizzy gave each other kisses then played. .I sat indoors and chatted. On looking out side we saw a very muddy Benji!! His … Continue reading

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May Day Fun

Every year the Melin Fun Day is held. The highlight of this event is the local dog show. 2 years ago I entered Spotty and she won the GOLDEN OLDIE. Last year I took her up again and entered her. … Continue reading

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That’s My Boy–Benji

  Benji has been with me for just over 3 months. it is interesting to observe how he is settling in. There have been many different experiences he has encountered. His food regime has altered. The Vet advised a change … Continue reading

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Christmas Preparations / Benji

It’s that time of year when its time to buy presents; wrap presents; buy or make Christmas cards and write the letter with all the past years’ news to put in the card; decorate the house; .get all the food … Continue reading

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There is a new dog on the block Life works in strange ways. last Tuesday I spoke to a gentleman with a small dog and said. ‘That’s the type of dog I’m looking for’. It transpired he lived just down … Continue reading

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