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Recently I took Benji for his groom. They did not do him very well AND have since worked out he picked up a nasty infestation of fleas. It started about 4 weeks ago. The scratching and biting was irritating him. … Continue reading

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My Benji

I have just realised I have not posted in a while. We have neen enjoying hot,sunny weather and I have been in my garden weeding, sorting out beds and watching my flowers,veg, and the only tree to fruit, the apple … Continue reading

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Capturing A Day In The Garden

We have had a couple of ‘mildish’ days and so the garden called to be attended to. In Lidls. Morrison and B & M I have purchased some plants. As 3 cats reside next door I aim to plant with … Continue reading

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A Problem Re Computer

I have problems with computer and, after my tech man came to sort out, I now have lost everything. He was able to find the files on the profile page (desk top) ( when you open up your computer) and … Continue reading

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Home Improvements

Moving house is a busy and stressful time. First you decide where you want to move , then its off to the estate Agents to get the best offer in selling your home. Whilst I waited for someone to view … Continue reading

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And an Update Re Work

Thank you everyone who COMMENTED and LIKED on my blogs from yesterday. I am pleased to tell you all went well with the workmen. They are calling back for a couple of hours this morning-early. to finish off. My Combi … Continue reading

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Hanging On

I am told to hang on in there – it won’t be long. Yet one asks how long? At this time I feel I will never move away from the badness and aggravation of the girl upstairs continues to pursue. … Continue reading

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Move Day Update

Hi Bloggers one and all. Time is creeping up and have been given Friday 3 June, Solicitor said last Wednesday ‘have to be in touch with other parties to see if agree,Will e-mail them today’ well I’ve heard nothing so … Continue reading

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Why Am I Victimised

How much more must I put up with.!!!!!! These photos show  what I have to put up with. She came home from work (and today its raining) and put these bins outside my back door. I can’t report her as … Continue reading

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Moving Update

It’s all happening quickly now. Found my new home, put the offer in and accepted, my buyer also put their offer in. Beginning of the week in at solicitor who has asked whether 31 march o.k. I’ve said yes but … Continue reading

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