Easter Monday 2017

I like to do something special on this day. The weather was sunny and mild  and so I decided to take a walk to our local park. When my Aunty was alive we used to go to Aberdulais Falls or a walk up Gnoll Park. My destination was Gnoll park.

Many families were out enjoying the day. In the wooded areas bluebells were out. Leaves on trees showing their new beginings with fresh green leaves. On the bottom pond not much wild life. Usually the swan nests but this year, I had been told, one of the swans had died and so they took the other one up to the middle pond. Here are many ducks, swans and wild fowl. I boughtn a tub ice cream from the cafe and sat to enjoy and think of the old days when aunty was there and we both would have an ice cream. Benji rolled in the grass and sat looking appealing for the children passing by to make a fuss of him.

WP_20170417_14_53_09_Pro[1]                      WP_20170417_14_53_15_Pro[1]

Benji being thoughtful and having a roll

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Easter Greetings

I wish you all a good Easter and send blessings to all my bloggers.

These are the chicks I have made for my great grandchildren and will share with you.

Mary & Benji

Family of Chicks

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Walk With Benji–Melyncourt Waterfalls

Melyncourt Waterfalls is a spectacular 80 feet high waterfall. It is located 1mile from the village of Resolven situated in the Neath Valley in S. Wales. A twenty minute drive away and the sun shining and it felt warm for Benji and I to explore this delightful  twenty minute walk.

The path, a casual slope, gently wound its way to the top. The brook bubbling,  gurgling  over rocks and boulders speeding its way down from the waterfall to end up in the River Neath, a little distance away.  At the start can be seen a couple of cottages with their gardens ending in a grassy slope. Here displayed an abundance of my favorite wild flower – the Primrose.  Trees showed the fresh green leaves. The water glistened in the afternoon sun. Much fauna could be seen, telling me with their freshness – yes Spring is arriving. Up in the trees birds could be heard calling to one another.

These are the photos taken that day.

1 the water travelling                  waterfall from side of path                                 Benji enjoys

      the brook                    waterfall coming down from side                         Benji enjoys


big waterfall in distance                     getting closer                             2 melyn waterfall

waterfall in distance                       getting nearer                                       at the waterfall

begining of walk                     moss                           uncurling ferns

beginning of walk                                 Moss                                                 Uncurling Ferns


                     leaves begining                        a single flower

                          Tree & new leaves                           ?  solitary Flower

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Capturing A Day In The Garden

We have had a couple of ‘mildish’ days and so the garden called to be attended to.

In Lidls. Morrison and B & M I have purchased some plants. As 3 cats reside next door I aim to plant with plants/hedging, that deter cats.

Along the wall they jump over. The cane screen I’ve taken down and am going to erect to go a bit higher up the wall. It needed triming and with the bits taken off am re-using them. As there is no dirt below 2 large oblong containers have been purchased and my climbing plants put in these. This will be done when the fence bit has been put up. The odd bits of cane have been broken up and placed around the 3 strawberry plants in a container.

I have bought Camellia, Climbing Rose. Varigated Ivy, Virginea Creeper. All just waiting to go in. I miss the Camellia tree at the old flat so was pleased to buy this and will grow it in  a pot.

The bed with the pond has some plants round it. Forget-me-nots picked up from the countryside. Seashells and odd bits of wood are now insitu. And the frog spawn is still there. As yet, I believe, it is too early for tadpoles. Next I’ve scattered the Wild Fower seed a, covered lightly with soil and placed on of the cane sections over to protect from CATS!!!!!!. At the very edge, at the bottom of this area I’ve planted Lavander and the Primula my daughter bought me (She visited last weekend). She has brought me Snowdrops from her garden but as yet have not decided where to put them.

I simply love my green houses and now both are sorted and in the ‘gadening’ one I have put up the paste table to work on. I must admit it is a bit flimsy to say the least but it will do for now and it is only me who will be working in there.

The Crocus have finished flowering but in its place the blue Grape Hyacynth now gives a continious colour to the garden along with the Daffodils. The Fruit trees have buds on. My friends Forcythia is out. There are buds on the Lilac tree, now sitting in the ground. In a pot the Butterfly tree has fresh green leaves.  My Rhubarb tastes delicious  as it continues to flourish in its pot.(All brought from the old place).

The weather has turned again to being wet and and cold yet I look forward to when it improves and once again I can garden and enjoy.

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Spring– Beginning In The Garden

Just catching a little time to tell you about the garden.

When moving into a new home the garden is not always to your liking and over the winter months one plans. On a T.V. program I watched it told you how you can create a small pond. A washing up bowl is used. This has been my first venture – to create the pond. I have a lot of ‘surplus’ earth around but now no doubt in time will be re-used.

On one side of the garden, by next door’s fence they previous owners had put loads of small stones so I’ve moved them and am making a border. On my left raised bed I have put the pond. A lot of moving soil and trying to make the edges hold up. I dug a hole and place the bowl in. Put my fossils stones (collected over the years) into the bowl next rain water was added. I bought the special plant that helps to ariate the water. The final step was asking my friend (who has 2 ponds) whether she could spare some of the tadpole spawn. This year in her garden there is am abundance of frogs and spawn. Placed in the jam jar I carefully carried it home and deposited them in the new pond. Today I have been puttingsome plants an old wood around . Now its WATCH THIS SPACE.

I have inherited a long drain pipe and having no idea how to get rid of it decided to plant it in the garden. With openings both ends it could be a great haven for our insect life.

Well that’s all for now

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Finding my open live writer

As I explained in my last blog I was not used to blogging onthe wordpress site. I am pleased to say, after a lot of trying to sort out, have found my ‘open live writer’ One gets used to one way and often find it difficult to re-adjust to new ideas ect. in life. So I’m a ‘happy Bunny’

That computer blip certainly disrupted my computer life!!!

On that note I will say goodnight to you all.

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Garden Photos – Spring

Please forgive the size of photos but I am not used to using this blog. Hence at the moment is all experimental.


Bottom of garden preparing for the vegetables



Middle Patio


Primulas along garden path, looking toward the house

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Preparing For Spring 2017

The big things needed doing in the house are now all done. I can now concentrate on ‘the garden’

I’m starting from scratch and realize you can’t bring your old garden with you. New plants all round are required. Its and exciting time as I look out into the garden on a cold winters’ day, wondering what will transpire, when will it be warmer to begin designing (with flowers and veg), my very own little space.

Wednesday I had a trip with one of my groups to Camarthen. I was drawn to a quaint small garden center. All the plants looked very tempting, large I really could not carry back on the mini bus but something small would be feasible. I found MINT  and  loose Runner Beans seeds and so my passion has begun.

Yesterday I bought some primulas and containers.  The afternoon was pleasant with the sun shining making it feel quite warm. At the bottom of the garden is a long narrow strip of earth. Here I plan to grow my veg. I dug it over and placed a long piece of wood at the edge, to hold the dirt. I have inherited a very long piece of guttering and now changed my mind about the wood and will replace this with the guttering

Today in ‘Lidl’ I bought Strawberry plants and ‘Morrison’ a pot of white heather, In the green house awaits a pkt of wild flower seed waiting to be planted. I am planning a small pond made with an old plastic washing up bowl.

Can’t wait ’till the next nice day to be out side Gardening

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A Problem Re Computer

I have problems with computer and, after my tech man came to sort out, I now have lost everything. He was able to find the files on the profile page (desk top) ( when you open up your computer) and we have now created another sign in for me. On my search engine all Favorites and book marks tool bar & menu all gone. So it’s thinking caps on – for my sites and passwords as well as the desk top to get back to where I was. I will be blogging again as soon as these issues have been resolved.

Thank you to all those who commented on my last post re Benji. He is now back to his old self again. The sun is out and we will go for a walk along our canal while its dry – bit cold but that doesn’t bother us.

Today is pancake day and after my group today will be making and enjoying PANCAKES

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Benji–Recent Photos

1b Plastics                  1 Plastic                   My knitting



1. In the kitchen                     1b In the kitchen                   kitchen

      My knitting


When I go out I put a few bits of his food into the back of the den. In his play toy the same. He loves that

2. Benji crate                  1. Benji crate                    Food ball

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