Finding my open live writer

As I explained in my last blog I was not used to blogging onthe wordpress site. I am pleased to say, after a lot of trying to sort out, have found my ‘open live writer’ One gets used to one way and often find it difficult to re-adjust to new ideas ect. in life. So I’m a ‘happy Bunny’

That computer blip certainly disrupted my computer life!!!

On that note I will say goodnight to you all.

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Garden Photos – Spring

Please forgive the size of photos but I am not used to using this blog. Hence at the moment is all experimental.


Bottom of garden preparing for the vegetables



Middle Patio


Primulas along garden path, looking toward the house

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Preparing For Spring 2017

The big things needed doing in the house are now all done. I can now concentrate on ‘the garden’

I’m starting from scratch and realize you can’t bring your old garden with you. New plants all round are required. Its and exciting time as I look out into the garden on a cold winters’ day, wondering what will transpire, when will it be warmer to begin designing (with flowers and veg), my very own little space.

Wednesday I had a trip with one of my groups to Camarthen. I was drawn to a quaint small garden center. All the plants looked very tempting, large I really could not carry back on the mini bus but something small would be feasible. I found MINT  and  loose Runner Beans seeds and so my passion has begun.

Yesterday I bought some primulas and containers.  The afternoon was pleasant with the sun shining making it feel quite warm. At the bottom of the garden is a long narrow strip of earth. Here I plan to grow my veg. I dug it over and placed a long piece of wood at the edge, to hold the dirt. I have inherited a very long piece of guttering and now changed my mind about the wood and will replace this with the guttering

Today in ‘Lidl’ I bought Strawberry plants and ‘Morrison’ a pot of white heather, In the green house awaits a pkt of wild flower seed waiting to be planted. I am planning a small pond made with an old plastic washing up bowl.

Can’t wait ’till the next nice day to be out side Gardening

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A Problem Re Computer

I have problems with computer and, after my tech man came to sort out, I now have lost everything. He was able to find the files on the profile page (desk top) ( when you open up your computer) and we have now created another sign in for me. On my search engine all Favorites and book marks tool bar & menu all gone. So it’s thinking caps on – for my sites and passwords as well as the desk top to get back to where I was. I will be blogging again as soon as these issues have been resolved.

Thank you to all those who commented on my last post re Benji. He is now back to his old self again. The sun is out and we will go for a walk along our canal while its dry – bit cold but that doesn’t bother us.

Today is pancake day and after my group today will be making and enjoying PANCAKES

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Benji–Recent Photos

1b Plastics                  1 Plastic                   My knitting



1. In the kitchen                     1b In the kitchen                   kitchen

      My knitting


When I go out I put a few bits of his food into the back of the den. In his play toy the same. He loves that

2. Benji crate                  1. Benji crate                    Food ball

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Benji–Tablet Re-action

Nursing a dog who has a re-action to medication, I find,  challenging and worrying. In the first instance Benji showed irrational behaviour. Totally out of character. One tries to work out exactly what is wrong. Having the internet is a useful tool.

At the vets he was given a steroid inject yet at the time I did not know this. I was told to stop his steroid tablets. This was on the Wednesday. It was by chance on Saturday I found on the internet you slowly get off steroids. I knew this for humans but never crossed my mind about dogs. Hence he went back on them so I could reduce them down. On speaking with the vetenary nurse she said take half of one every other day for 3 times. I thought this was a bit drastic so have done it my way.

Half a tab. every other day for 7 days

Half a tab. 3 days then half a tab. twice a week and we now have stopped. He is much better in himself now – back to the old Benji.

He has a wart on his back that, I think, was nicked by the groomer.

On advice of vet for him to wear a collar. No way says Benji and took it off immediately. (he’s a clever, intelligent dog) Again I have used my own judgement and applied  cream. I works wonders.

Considering Benji may continue his disruptive behaviour I decided to buy him a crate – his very own den. I want this to be his place not a punishment so it will take time for him to get used to it – a happy den. But I don’t think I will need to carry out such drastic measures in shutting him in.

When I went out Benji would be searching for food and as you can see by the photos in the next blog, what he got up to. On our walks it was nose to the ground to pick up whatever he could.

As I’ve written before Benji has been on a diet – his food – Weight Reduction. Now down to 13k give or take a little bit He now has – Weight Control. Whatever is in this food had given Benji more agility and walks at a brisk pace. His coat is lovely and shiny, and is content with life.

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Visited the vets today (WED). Benji is not himself and is on the ‘scrounge’ for food constantly. Whilst out walking he picks up anything and unfortunately here in my town there are many folks discarding their take-away foods. Ideal for hungry dogs. Benji had ‘corn-on-the-cob’ and ended up with a belly ache. Today he went into my handbag and consumed a Cadburys Cream Egg. Benji also reached up to my bag with the plastic rubbish in, scattered on the floor and wrecked the kitchen – knocking over the chair, dragging out the dog bin from under the table.

Well it turns out that the injection he had last week was a Steroid and as he’s been on the tablets every other day until that visit (when told to stop them) he has had an over dose of them causing Benji to behave in this way. The area where his wart is – still not healed so now he has a collar.

I have decided to get a cage for him. When taking for his walk to wear a nozzle. Its hard work and upsetting to see my little boy like this and hope he will soon get back to himself. At least he still looks to me for comfort.

Will keep you updated on Benji’s progress.

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Mischievous Benji

This week Benji has been full of it. I came back from shopping and put my rucksack on the chair in the kitchen, Inside was the shopping. I had to go back out to go and collect my cleaner from being cleaned. On returning the rucksack was on the floor. Benji had tried to get it open and had succeeded in ruining it. Luckily there were packets but the bag of sugar had a slight tear in the packet and some of the sugar had fallen into the bag.

A day or two later, again whilst out he done more mischief . This escapade has told me Benji is a very clever, intelligent dog.

Between the fridge-freezer and the gas stove is my table and underneath the table is the ‘dog proof’ food bin. A chair is in front of the table and at the side a small vegetable rack.

Again I’d been out without him. First I noticed my wool basket on the floor but then my eyes went to the kitchen and what I saw astounded me!!! the chair had been moved, the rack moved, the table moved AND the so called indestructible food bin lay on its side, open! Even I have struggled to open it. What food was in there he had not taken thank goodness.

I popped over the vets with him to weigh and he was down to 13.k.

I had been pondering over why he should be doing these naughty things and believe it could be he is down to his correct weight and he is now hungry.

In the evening we visited the vet as his ‘wart’ was giving him trouble.

Discussing Benji’s behaviour the vet told me what I thought so no more dieting. We agreed that his lumps are fatty ones and when he puts weight on then they will get bigger. he told me ‘no more Steroids.’ He won’t be so hungry now ‘cos as Steroids cause the dog to put weight on and and they are more hungry. So no more dieting, no more Steroid tablet.

Whilst waiting the girls love to give waiting dogs treats and Benji knows this. He shows his appealing side of him and ends up with many treats, despite me saying NO. That night I was woken at 1.00 a.m. by Benji being sick. I explained to him he had had too many treats.

And so Benji continues to be naughty. I visited my friend this evening and when I came back (no away very long) he’d been in the kitchen ad done the same again getting out the food bin.

so that’s my Benji for you. Has anyone else  got mischievous dogs and what do they get up to?

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Benji 2017 Groom

Woof – Woof Benji here.

My fur had grown and it had curls. Mary said I looked like a ‘teddy bear’ but to me I find I’m licking it more – not the usual clean. It irritates me. When I was told I’d go for another groom in one way I was exasperated as the weather really is cold, but on the other hand it would get rid of my itchiness.

I’ve never been to the same groomer twice and so we headed off to yet another. Mind, only 10 minutes walk away.

Now I hope we stay with this one. Sam was really good. As soon as I got home I rolled about the floor and played with my toys and my tail wagged like mad. Sam had a new ‘mum’ in the cage and she had 4 delightful puppies – only 2 days old. Was I like that at that age??





I’m really pleased with my weight and feel so much better. Can do more and walk nice & quickly on the lead. In the middle of December I was 15k Now I am 13.1

Its been very wet today so have had to stay. Lets hope tomorrow will be better. I do miss my walks.

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My Crafts–series 1 Knit/Crochet


Its time now to share with you all my ‘crafts’. a couple of years ago I joined one of the local craft groups in town.

I needed to socialise and get back to knitting and crocheting that had a purpose. The group meets at the local library every Friday morning. We are called ‘Neath Knit & Natter’.

Our work is of crochet/knit takes many various items. We have 1 person who has taken on the task of sending the items off to the various places where needed.

We knit/crochet for PREEMIE BABIES / NEWBORNS /ANGEL BABIES / THE HOMELESS / THE ELDERLY. The groups were found on Facebook and here we can catch up with wherever they need.

Over time I will be showing you my projects. As this is a new year I will be starting from there and posting up the photos.

It has been requested for ‘WORRY MONSTERS ‘ & ‘PUPPETS’. I have not made these before and found it a challenge and interesting to do. I hope to make more.

For the Preemie babies – CANNULA MITTS – used to cover their little hand/hands covering over the cannula in their arm, that’s the reason they are longer than the average mitt.

VENTILATORS Bonnets have a flap on the side – again for the tube to be inserted.


WP_20170125_15_06_48_Pro[1]                                WP_20170125_15_07_23_Pro[1]                              WP_20170125_15_08_10_Pro[1]

    Puppets                                            Worry Monster                   Cannula Mitts/Ventilator Bonnets

Knitted – Double knit wool            Knitted – Chunky Wool                    Knitted – Double Knit Wool

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