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Blackberries July 2017        Benji on his walk

I have never known Blackberries to be ready in July. When I first moved to Wales in 1977 I remember picking Blackberries with the children , in the first week of September. Neath has a very old fair held in the3 second week of September. The children would go round to the houses on the estate selling their Blackberries. The money collected was then spent down at the fair.

Benji loves his walks. In the back ground you can see the water. We are in Eaglesbush where once there was great activity with the iron works. Very little left now to show of its existance.

Benji has been to the vets tonight re his itching. He has had an injection and I’ve to bathe the areas in salt water and we go back next week to see how he’s got on.

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My Benji

I have just realised I have not posted in a while. We have neen enjoying hot,sunny weather and I have been in my garden weeding, sorting out beds and watching my flowers,veg, and the only tree to fruit, the apple , grow. Time also spent just sitting and relaxing. This garden has some shady parts where I could sit. My days of  sunbathing are over but still like to be out doors when weather permits

Well, now about my Benji. Such an intellegent dog.  In this heat,  (unfortunaly his fur has grown) he has been scratching like mad. Our groomers are very busy and could not get a appointment until 19 July. His weight is now 12.8 of which I’m pleased about. Out on our walks he walks briskly (but I hasten to add not when it’s hot!)  Mostly these walks are taken in the cool evening. He doesn’t get up early so early morning walks are out of the question. Occasionaly Benji keeps his hand in to being mischievious. The latest was to some how open the door on the gas cooker and pull most of the rubber seal off!!!!!

That was yesterday while out at church. My friends all said to me ‘enjoy your Sunday roast’ and yes, I was going to enjoy my roast potatoes that went with my roast pork, runner beans and new potatoes. Dinner ended up with no roast potatoes. To day my son with his work-mate, called and put the rubber back,so can use the oven again.

On that note I will close and hope to blog again soon.

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Bank Holiday weekend May–Garden

I never take a trip out in the car to go walking either in the country or by the coast. living close to toursit areas they are always very busy wjhen the sun shines and people descend on the our beauty spots.

This year it has been warm and dry and I have been able to get out the paint and paint brush and commenced painting the outside walls. I have done them in CREAM and must admit I feel pretty proud of what I have achieved. Looks so much better adding a bright clean look to the garden. It has been many years since painting.

What I like now is the security of my garden. The privacy gives me pleasure to enjoy the outside world again. Before camaras were up watching my every move. The people upstairs always contradicting or asking ‘what are you doing’’?’I even re-call how involved I was in sorting out the top patio when the ‘mam’ from upstairs came round and I had a big argument with him where he actually threw an item at me , missing me by inches.

Still those days are behind me now – great!!

Guess the only thing bothering me now are the cats (3) from next door like to do their buisness in the garden. Have now managed to fill the ground so they will now have great difficulty.

The fruit trees in pots (brought from the old house) are doing very well. Runner beans and Peas and the potatoes I love to watch growing very well. I thought I’d lost the Rhubarb but hey presto  a leaf has now appeared. In my small garden pond (made from a washing up bowl) I have counted 16 Tadpoles. Earlier in the Spring my friend gave me some of her frog spawn. I’ve always wanted these.

On this note I will close as its time for breakfas – Benji and Me

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Garden Photo


Iam still trying to get photos from phone tp my computer. But here is the photo of part of the garden

As you can see it is colourful with the mauve and white flowers. These plants were given to me by my friend who is also a keen gardener like myself. The tree you can see is the Cherry tree brought from the other house. The blossom was delightful a while back and now the tiny cherries are forming. The plants brought from the old house are flourishing well and appear to like their new home.

The weather over the past few days has been hot and sunny but seeing the forcast for tomorrow it tells us ‘RAIN’. I gave the plants a good water tonight and had added ‘tomato feed’ in the water.

I will close now as feeling worn out with ‘trying to work things out’!!!!

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Outside Painting

I have a new phone and at the moment am trying to work out how to put my photos on to the computer. Really frustrating. I have several photos I wish to share with you re the garden. The way I have done this one is by sending the photo to myself via e-mail, down loading, then transferring to desk top. Friday hope to see someone in my group who can emlighten me on what to do.

Have started outside painting. The colour is ‘cream’ and as you can see it makes a lot of difference. Oh it’s so good to get back to gardening and painting. Having had the Cortosine injection in my knee the pain has gone so will do what I can ‘till it returns.


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At this time of the year, especially this year, the woods are filled with the smell and wonderful display of Bluebells. Today was sunny but the wind stillhad a bit of a chill. But our walk to Gnoll park most enjoyable. Here are the phoots taken today near the bottom pond.

  2 Beni and bluebells             3 Benji enjoys            4 Benji interested 



              5. The log and Bluebells                6 The bluebells          1 Bluebells lower pond Gnoll Park

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Benji on May Day 1st May 2017

He’s tired now and fast asleep. This weekend has been an exciting one for him.

Saturday my daughter visited. The weather was dry but still a bit cold. When she visits we all like to got to the beach. This time being no exception. We decided to head down to Caswell Bay. The beach is a lovely big curve and with the tide out we walked down to the sea edge. I let Benji off the lead, and he had such fun running along this great sparse area of sand and I was so delighted when I call him to heel and he came. Near the waters’ edge was a group of large rocks we had not noticed before. On inspection of them we discovered hundreds and hundreds of dead star fish, in the rock pools, clinging on to the rocks.. I put benji on the lead so he didn’t go to sniff or touch them as we had no idea how they came to the end of their life. This did not end there as when we walked to the top part of the beach there were more all in the sand and rock pools. kept Benji on the lead, I hasten to add. There is a lovely cafe’ at the top who allow dogs in, so we had a cuppa inside and watched life go by down on the beach.

That night (in the middle of the night) I was woken with Benji being sick and the next few hours was awake keeping an eye on him. His tummy ‘rummbled’, quite loud. He really was under the weather. Gave him a very small breakfast and he was able to do a slow walk in the morning. I wanted to show my daughter the lovely walk in Eaglesbush, with all the bluebells and greenery out. For the the rest of that day he slept and  chicken and rice he had for his tea. After a good nights sleep Benji was back to his old self. Could he have picked up something on the beach. I’ve decided now to avoid the sand and just walk either the prommanade or sand dunes ect.

I was happy as I’d worried he would not be able to atttend the THE DOG SHOW.

With a much recovered dog we went to the show. Whilst waiting I walked him around the streets nearby, then around the field – so he did not get bored. The time came and as pleased as punch our Benji entered GOLDEN OLDIE. He came second and we now have another certificate and Rosette – blue. He tried for JUDGES BEST but as I told him ‘you won the cup a couple of years ago and now its someone elses turn’’’.

Well I hope you all have a good Bank Holiday as we have. On that note I will finish this blog

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Easter Monday 2017

I like to do something special on this day. The weather was sunny and mild  and so I decided to take a walk to our local park. When my Aunty was alive we used to go to Aberdulais Falls or a walk up Gnoll Park. My destination was Gnoll park.

Many families were out enjoying the day. In the wooded areas bluebells were out. Leaves on trees showing their new beginings with fresh green leaves. On the bottom pond not much wild life. Usually the swan nests but this year, I had been told, one of the swans had died and so they took the other one up to the middle pond. Here are many ducks, swans and wild fowl. I boughtn a tub ice cream from the cafe and sat to enjoy and think of the old days when aunty was there and we both would have an ice cream. Benji rolled in the grass and sat looking appealing for the children passing by to make a fuss of him.

WP_20170417_14_53_09_Pro[1]                      WP_20170417_14_53_15_Pro[1]

Benji being thoughtful and having a roll

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Easter Greetings

I wish you all a good Easter and send blessings to all my bloggers.

These are the chicks I have made for my great grandchildren and will share with you.

Mary & Benji

Family of Chicks

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Walk With Benji–Melyncourt Waterfalls

Melyncourt Waterfalls is a spectacular 80 feet high waterfall. It is located 1mile from the village of Resolven situated in the Neath Valley in S. Wales. A twenty minute drive away and the sun shining and it felt warm for Benji and I to explore this delightful  twenty minute walk.

The path, a casual slope, gently wound its way to the top. The brook bubbling,  gurgling  over rocks and boulders speeding its way down from the waterfall to end up in the River Neath, a little distance away.  At the start can be seen a couple of cottages with their gardens ending in a grassy slope. Here displayed an abundance of my favorite wild flower – the Primrose.  Trees showed the fresh green leaves. The water glistened in the afternoon sun. Much fauna could be seen, telling me with their freshness – yes Spring is arriving. Up in the trees birds could be heard calling to one another.

These are the photos taken that day.

1 the water travelling                  waterfall from side of path                                 Benji enjoys

      the brook                    waterfall coming down from side                         Benji enjoys


big waterfall in distance                     getting closer                             2 melyn waterfall

waterfall in distance                       getting nearer                                       at the waterfall

begining of walk                     moss                           uncurling ferns

beginning of walk                                 Moss                                                 Uncurling Ferns


                     leaves begining                        a single flower

                          Tree & new leaves                           ?  solitary Flower

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