Wishing everyone a

 Happy Christmas & a peaceful New Year


2 Benji                  1 Benji

Don’t you just love Xmas. All those christmassy papers hiding presents?

I decided to open one whilst Mary was out. It was addressed to me and it was a doggy stocking. There was a toy bone and 2 pkts of chocolate drops. I opened one and ate the lot. Then a few days later I was waiting for mary to come home so took the oportunity to get up on her chair (she had moved it nearer the window sill) and found a Terry’s chocolate orange. Ate of of it before she came home. Next thing I knew I was being whisked off to the vets. The one we go to now. I enjoyed the ride as we went in a friends car and I loved to see all the traffic whizzing by with their lights on as it was dark.

Once there I was given a good examination and Mary was told I’d had a lucky escape as I’d noteaten enought to have to be made sick or a stay over night that would have meant a drip. I now have charcoal on my breakfast as it helps to absorb the bad stuff inside me. Well I felt fine, in fact I heard Mary say I was hyper-active that evening.

Mary has just given me a new bed and its so warm and cosy – can’t wait ‘till I go to bed tonight..

Here in Wales the weather is very misty and no sun shining – very depressing. Will be nice when the sun and blue sky appear again. Our walks will be more interesting. Well Happy Christmas to all my doggy friends. Woof,woof & nose rubs. BENJI

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Catching Up

I have been doing ‘this and that’, not realizing I’ve not blogged in a while.

Benji and I are still together. So what have we been up to?

My crafts have kept me busy. This year many Poppies were needed to make a hanging. This involved other groups too. Can’t remember exactly where the hanging was but they needed thousands, each one to commemerat those persons who lost their lives in WW1 & WW2. I also made poppies and asked my local shop to sell them He was more than pleased to do so and we raised £50. This will be a project for me for 2018 Poppy day appeal.

For the ’HOMELESS’, local and in other places I have knitted hats and gloves, Scarves I do not like to knit as find this boring.

With Christmas coming up I’ve knitted baby things in red and white. At our Friday group our last day for posting was last week. Our month of December and we will knit what we like. Next year our project is to knit and crochet first born/preemie items for a local source.

I have already started and have 2 small hats,3 cardigans. I will knit booties too, The people want pale colours and NO pink or blue.

The garden has been put to bed and now we have been having very wet,dull days and the past few days dry with a frost. Ilove to walk with Benji on the crisp,chilly days and to feel the coldness on my face.

We’ve been on our usual walks and Benji now sits patiently in the car while I do a spot of shopping. Spotty never neede to be ‘trained’ in this field as she knew any way.

Benji visits the Vet tomorrow to have his ‘booster’ and have his ‘lumps. checked. They are getting bigger. Yet despite this he is still a very lively fella. He does spend more time on the settee than his bed.

Have started to do my Family History. Very interesting – to find out who my ancestors were and what they did with their lives. This is time consuming. Hence I will apoligise in advance that I may not blog as much in 2018.

Living in my new home and I’m feeling contented- as though I’ve been here years. So peacefull.

I am hoping to go on a holiday of a life time next year. Its with the church and am going to Lourdes in July. Am saving like mad.

The chap who did the electrics has mad a complete mess of things and has not given me the ‘certificate’ that is required when you re-wire a house. So am sorting that out.

That’s all for now. Your Friends Mary and Benji

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Decorating. Benji, Garden

Home is not home until you put your own personal stamp on it. That is my opinion.

I have ( at 72 yrs of age) began to decorate. The last time I painted was back in about 2005 at my flat. When I had the flat renovated in 2008 they did all the painting in my chosen colours.

Now I’m in my own little house and the cololurs the past owners had painted are really not to my taste.

The kitchen is the first place. Recently some one took off the polystyrene tiles from the ceiling and I have found a very reliable person who put up the new ceiling. Not sure of the right name but its like plastic and slotted in to place. Clean, noisless to put up and has the advantage of being easy to wipe over. I have been to our local Wilko store and bought Sunshine Yellow and have just painted the walls (2 coats) – except one that’s wood and that has had a coat of Almond White one gloss paint. Am waiting for it to dry but this looks a good colour that I will continue to do on skirting boards, stair rails and banister.

Today it has been raining heaily so a good day to stay in and paint.

Benji went for his check up a few days ago and his flea investation has cleared up. As the fur is growing nicely where they shaved it and his other fur is getting long, I have booked him into our lady groomer. Not going back to the other one as I believe that is where he picked up the fleas.

Garden is getting ready for Winter. I have tried to create an old fahioned border and here is the photos to show you. Just some Bluebells to plant in pot. I sent for a Raspberry plant which is grown in a pot so that has arrived and planted in its pot.


WP_20170928_08_24_45_Pro                 WP_20170928_08_25_15_Pro

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My Vest Travels far


I have just started ordering items on line. I was prompted by an unsucesful trip to Swansea in search of new clothes. In days gone by a trip to Swansea on the bus would result in wonderful browsing & finding exactly waht I needed. Now all the places I went did not stock any more or had closed down.

Here is an example of the last item I purchased. I chose & placed my order with Amazon. My e-mail arrived to inform me of the delivery. Pressing TRACK one can see its progress.

It came to Amazon @ Swansea – a few miles away from me. Below is its journey and as I write am waiting for delivery. Bristol is many miles from me, over the Severn Bridge in England. Kenfig is closer to me about a 20 minute drive away. Read from the bottom up


Latest update: Friday, 22 Sep

09:43 Out for delivery
Kenfig Hill Industrial Estate, GB

Carrier: Amazon Shipping, Tracking #: Q50573643894

05:05 Parcel arrived at a carrier facility
Kenfig Hill Industrial Estate, GB

02:11 Parcel left the carrier facility
Bristol, AVON, GB

01:28 Parcel arrived at a carrier facility
Bristol, AVON, GB

Thursday, 21 Sep 19:48 Parcel has been handed over to the carrier and is in transit
Crymlyn Burrows, Swansea, UK

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Catching Up

I am sorry mot to have blogged for a while. Have been doing quite a bit.

It seems that summer has now gone. Days a little cooler and evenings drawing in, as well as getting lighter in the morning, much later.

How does your sleep pattern go? I wake early, go bed late’sh, according to the time it gets ‘light’ and ‘dark. My body clock likes to sleep when its dark.

Hence Summer is at an end, Autum arrived with quite a few wet days.

I have been putting the garden to ‘bed’ by pruning,weeding, planting up the bulbs which I will forget what I have planted. it comes as a lovely surprise in Spring when the first shoots appear. This year I have bought a RASPBERRY bush that is grown in a pot. Shortly I will look and buy a nice pot for it, ready to stand on the Patio.

benji has got over his illness and no more pills at present. His energy levels are ‘high’ when out on his walks and briskly hurriea along yet still finds time to enjoy his ‘sniffs’.

And on that note I must close as he now wants his tea.

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Benji continues to visit vet

Poor Benji, those ‘fleas’ have been most troublesome for him. We’ve had a course of the ‘Prednisolone’, bathed his coat with ‘Hibiscrub’ , cream applied, as well as the Advocat, and stil last week, when we visited again, the vet said he still had an infection on the skin. The area is around his tail and his lower back.  since the last medication of I am pleased to say no more scratching that drives him mad! Benji is on a 14 day course of ‘Antibiotics’ and the ‘Prednisolone’.. The last visit was last Thursday. I have blitzed the house and the car. So maybe at last we are winning.

Going to another vet ‘PDSA’ happens to be a 20 minute drive away but we don’t mind this ‘cos after the visit we go for a walk. There is a large lake having lots of swans, dog walkers, fishermen. A pleasant 20 minute walk round where Benji can rn of the lead. I9t is near to Wyvill Garden Centre and dogs are allowed in so I can browse at all their nick-nacks and see all the lovely plants to give me ideas as to what to grow in my garden.

Last time we went we found the car park by the lake full. I drove up one of the side streets and, guess what? found a delightful path with trees, and the river running by. Again another place for Benji off the lead.

Still on the subject of walks another enjoyable walk is up the valley, not 10 minutes drive. The day was warm and sunny, trees shaded us as we walked the old railway line. hills were one side and nesteled on the other the village of Pontrydden the birth place of Richard Burton

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Remembering Spotty


Spotty 3 Jan. 2012


It was 3 years yesterday that I took Spotty to the vets to be helped on her way over The Rianbow Bridge. I do miss her very much. We had some wonderful walks together.

It has taken me a long time to get the photos out and remeber her but the final step has been taken.

I felt very sad yesterday but each year I take a walk (with Benji) and go on her favorite last walk that I did with her.

We visit the bottom pond at Gnoll park. There is a wooden seat where I can sit and look at the water. Unfortunaly the wild life does not create much to see. The past few years the ducks and Swans no longer live or swim there but its still a lovely place to sit and get lost in ones thoughts.

This photo is down on Gower at Oxwich Bay.

beach 9. March. 2012

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Recently I took Benji for his groom. They did not do him very well AND have since worked out he picked up a nasty infestation of fleas.

It started about 4 weeks ago. The scratching and biting was irritating him. We visited the vet and she shaved an area around his tail and said ‘ it was an infection’. I was given cream, a short course of Prednisilone and to bathe in salt water. I duly did this but found it was getting no better. Back to the vet again. More fur around his tail was shaved. ‘When did you last do his flea protectio?’ I replied h that he was due it now. ‘Go home and put that on, bath the area with HIBISCRUB and continue the cream as well as some more of the pills.’

It was last Wedmesday when we visited the vet. Now I am pleased to say, the scratchin and biting does not happen. HE IS ON THE MEND.

During his treatment I would put the ‘collar’ on but if I wasn’t around he some how or another was able to remove it. I also kept his coat om so this helped to get it better. Out on walks there was no need for the coat as his mind was busy on ‘sniffing ‘ the highways and byways. Yesterday was the first night he slept with out his coat on. As I write he is now in bed sleeping without his coat.

Despite his ‘illnes’ this did not deter us from our walks. We are lucky to have a beach he can run on and here are a couple of photos taken the other day. The photos are not too good and as the light was difficult I was guessing. The 1st phot shows looking out to sea and the tide was out


049               050

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The Garden in July 2017

I have found my ‘Huddle’ a few weeks back and decided to use it again. It takes lovely photos. At first I put it on charge with my phone charger as I could not find the one it came with. Then today I found it so here are some garden photos.

Garden pond                         Herbs by the back door

The Garden Pond/Wild flowers                                          Herbs by the back door


Herbs                              On the patio

          Herbs by the wall                                                                   Top Patio

                                                              The Lilly.

                                             The Lilly


raised beds                               Vegetable patch     

            Raised beds                                          Vegetable Garden at bottom of garden

The grass is the artifical – no mowing, easy to maintain. Veg garden has Rhubarb, Potatoes in sack, Strawberries, Runner Beans and Peas. The flowers are Marigolds.

In the greenhouse I have 2 Tomato plants with lots of green Tomatoes.

It is a pleasure to have a garden all to ones self. I realize now that having to maintain  a garden that is shared is not my cup of tea. There were limits on what I could grow. Here I keep finding differnt plants and shrubs to grow and my fruit trees as well as all the other plants ect, are growing so much better than wher I was before. I.m still moving pots around to different places, to see where suits them best. What I do like to is the privacy with noone walking through to try and pass the time of day. I do socialize but in my time, when I want.

In the hot weather I had my lounger on the patio and soaked up the sun while looking at the garden and the town of NEATH and in the background the greenery on the hills. Also doing my knitting/crocheting or reading

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Nature & Benji

Blackberries July 2017        Benji on his walk

I have never known Blackberries to be ready in July. When I first moved to Wales in 1977 I remember picking Blackberries with the children , in the first week of September. Neath has a very old fair held in the3 second week of September. The children would go round to the houses on the estate selling their Blackberries. The money collected was then spent down at the fair.

Benji loves his walks. In the back ground you can see the water. We are in Eaglesbush where once there was great activity with the iron works. Very little left now to show of its existance.

Benji has been to the vets tonight re his itching. He has had an injection and I’ve to bathe the areas in salt water and we go back next week to see how he’s got on.

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