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Catching Up

I have been doing ‘this and that’, not realizing I’ve not blogged in a while. Benji and I are still together. So what have we been up to? My crafts have kept me busy. This year many Poppies were needed … Continue reading

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Decorating. Benji, Garden

Home is not home until you put your own personal stamp on it. That is my opinion. I have ( at 72 yrs of age) began to decorate. The last time I painted was back in about 2005 at my … Continue reading

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Benji continues to visit vet

Poor Benji, those ‘fleas’ have been most troublesome for him. We’ve had a course of the ‘Prednisolone’, bathed his coat with ‘Hibiscrub’ , cream applied, as well as the Advocat, and stil last week, when we visited again, the vet … Continue reading

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Nature & Benji

        I have never known Blackberries to be ready in July. When I first moved to Wales in 1977 I remember picking Blackberries with the children , in the first week of September. Neath has a very old fair held … Continue reading

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Benji–Recent Photos

                                                                                         When I go out I put a few bits of his food into the back of the den. In his play toy the same. He loves that                                      

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Walks With Benji

It’s the winter here and days are becoming colder. We have had sunny weather so this makes our walks very pleasant. If you remember a few months back I was unwell and unable to walk far – at a slow … Continue reading

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                                                                     On Mum’s chair             These are my toys. Roll on them and                                                              they squeak.                                                                                             Hey look at me          Please give me food                                                                                  My new door step        Out … Continue reading

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Benji and His Operation

Benji had his last food and drink at 5.30 p.m. the night before. We arrived at the vets at the allocated time 8.50 a.m. I had to call him from his bed.The vet nurse took us into the consultation room … Continue reading

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Moving & The Turmoil/ Benji

Well life here has been very stressful. Upstairs are doing something to upset me almost every day BUT  I am ignoring them. It’s very hard to stay strong. I look forward to when I can get away and then to … Continue reading

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Benji and Grooming

Hi everyone Today I went out in the car and I barked a lot ‘cos I did not know where I was going. Well we ended up at our local rescue centre for lost and unwanted animals But hey she … Continue reading

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