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Snowy Times 2018

  Here in my part of the world snow is a rare occurrance. Being near to the sea the snow will avoid us yet it still sends everyone into a panic. Get to the shops, empty the shelves of the … Continue reading

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The Garden in July 2017

I have found my ‘Huddle’ a few weeks back and decided to use it again. It takes lovely photos. At first I put it on charge with my phone charger as I could not find the one it came with. … Continue reading

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Garden–Home August/September 2016

Life at the new home is great, according to Benji. He is still near enough to visit his friend Tizzy and the walks are all the same. The garden is enclosed and safe. Yet he is not an outside dog … Continue reading

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Surprises in Nature

Here in my part of Wales, since Autumn, the weather has been very wet with just a couple of days when the frost came. We have had dry days too and the temperature has averaged about 3-9c Out in the … Continue reading

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Fan Time

here in Wales we have been experiencing mild weather for the time of year. between days of rain the sun has come out making it delightful to be out doors.         Having a new dog in your … Continue reading

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Taking a break

Due to my recent bereavement I am taking a break from posting. As soon as I feel up to it I will be back. I will still be reading you blogs but at present cannot write. I am treading a … Continue reading

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Gardening Changes

Since the gardening competition a couple of weeks ago I have redesigned this border. It’s round where the workmen were renovating the walls and was in quite a mess. I have taken out a lot of the earth, taken it … Continue reading

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Spotty Re Her Bath

I’m feeling much better now that my Mum has reduced those tablets.yesterday was an exciting one. First we went in the car down to Zoars, the pet store, to buy my food and ‘shampoo’We walked a little way along the … Continue reading

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My Best Gal

I have not blogged for a while as there is a lot going on –me getting better, ill dog, workmen. The latter taking over 3 weeks to complete the work and they seem to have come to a stand still … Continue reading

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Welsh Hospitals A Shamble

How the time flies? We are almost in June. And still I wait for my operation. It is now 2 years and 8 months. They say go to the doctor early BUT there is no point. From visiting the G.P. … Continue reading

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