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        The Swans and babies. The walk along the canal on a sunny afternoon a real treat as we observed that the the swan had her young with her. At first I thought it was only 2 but on our … Continue reading

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Nature & Benji

        I have never known Blackberries to be ready in July. When I first moved to Wales in 1977 I remember picking Blackberries with the children , in the first week of September. Neath has a very old fair held … Continue reading

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At this time of the year, especially this year, the woods are filled with the smell and wonderful display of Bluebells. Today was sunny but the wind stillhad a bit of a chill. But our walk to Gnoll park most … Continue reading

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Garden Birds–Starting Again

                                                             It looks like my garden did not have any visiting birds. There is no sign of humans feeding. The garden is bereft of bushes and trees. therefor I’m starting from scratch. When I moved here in June … Continue reading

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Swans Growing Up

  These are the swans at the bottom pond taken a few weeks ago. Now they are getting much more mature. Often when walking at the pond I do not go all the way round as the Mother is sat … Continue reading

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Swans Up At The Park / Air show

    The first photo taken is a mistake. Accidently pushed the button on the camara down. I was sat up on the wall that surrounds a little of what we call the ‘third’ pond. The paws are those of … Continue reading

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        Swans on our local canal. They had 9 babies. I took these a few weeks back when I walked along to our local pet store which is situated by the canal. They had 9 babies.       … Continue reading

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Mixed News/Nature. Pets. Crafts.

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Quite a lot has been happening. The weather remains cold and we do get sunny days. i have been able to buy my seasonal flowers and planted up the pots. The fruit … Continue reading

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Follow Our Swans 2015

This year I am able to follow the progress of our swans. They are a young couple and first came to the bottom pond last year. Nesting, last year, took place on the small island, in the previous nest from … Continue reading

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Surprises in Nature

Here in my part of Wales, since Autumn, the weather has been very wet with just a couple of days when the frost came. We have had dry days too and the temperature has averaged about 3-9c Out in the … Continue reading

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