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Recently I took Benji for his groom. They did not do him very well AND have since worked out he picked up a nasty infestation of fleas. It started about 4 weeks ago. The scratching and biting was irritating him. … Continue reading

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The Garden in July 2017

I have found my ‘Huddle’ a few weeks back and decided to use it again. It takes lovely photos. At first I put it on charge with my phone charger as I could not find the one it came with. … Continue reading

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Walks With Benji

It’s the winter here and days are becoming colder. We have had sunny weather so this makes our walks very pleasant. If you remember a few months back I was unwell and unable to walk far – at a slow … Continue reading

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                                                                     On Mum’s chair             These are my toys. Roll on them and                                                              they squeak.                                                                                             Hey look at me          Please give me food                                                                                  My new door step        Out … Continue reading

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Garden Photos

It appears we are all settling into our new home. Little did I realize a couple of years ago I would be moving. What a delight to have done pot planting as on the move the plants gave me an … Continue reading

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Benji in his new home

We’ve been in our new home for just over 3 weeks and seems like we have been here for ever. That is apart from getting things like the electric sorted – needs re-wiring. An old fashioned system and the previous … Continue reading

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        Swans on our local canal. They had 9 babies. I took these a few weeks back when I walked along to our local pet store which is situated by the canal. They had 9 babies.       … Continue reading

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Fan – Freedom on the Beach

Fan is waiting to go for her walk. When going out of this door she knows it will be a ride in the car somewhere.   After a showery morning the afternoon presented its self with sunshine with  it feeling … Continue reading

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Competition Time- The Garden

    The door bell rang at 12.30. Spotty got up and came to the door and when I opened it to our visitors she went down the steps to greet them. She has not done this for a very … Continue reading

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